Monday, January 16, 2012

Argh. Seriously, Nolan?

The other day, Nolan had a temper tantrum. When Nolan has a tantrum these days, he usually removes his glasses and hearing aids, throwing them across the room. This is actually an improvement from the days when he would remove his glasses, hearing aids, shoes and socks for a fit.

Unfortunately, this last tantrum involved pulling his hearing aids off and then snapping them in half. The clear, hard plastic part that screws into the hearing aid body is the part that snapped (this is called the tone hook).

Fortunately, I don't think tone hooks are very expensive.

Still? I'd really appreciate it if the little guy would refrain from breaking his equipment during tantrums.

Here's to hoping they can simply send a new one in the mail!


Kyla said...

Oh no!! I hope it won't be too touch/expensive to fix.

My friend's son, who is KayTar's age and has bilateral hearing loss, pulled out his ears the other night and said, "La la la! I can't hear you!" to his mom for the first time. Ha!

Joe said...

The earhooks are not expensive nor hard to fix.
$5.00 at

I would call them first to make sure they have the right ones.

Herding Grasshoppers said...

I don't think it's a difficult or expensive fix... just frustrating!

Does he miss having his HA's when they're not working?

And, PS, love the candy cane ear molds!

rouchi said...

Oh that is really frustrating am sure. I really hope that can be fixed soon as he is without HA again for some time. that is supposed to be changed once in few months. We have a few as spare and change it ourselves. Hope you get that fixed soon Leah !! Nolan...kindly calm down, you are the one who gets affected when you don't have HA on you dear.

Audism Idaho said...

Do you use any signing with him? My son was frustrated until I started signing. Even my hearing children were less frustrated when we signed. When they did start talking they were very articulate.

dlefler said...

Hi Audism - we did actually use a bit of signing with Nolan, but he absolutely refuses to use it. He's extremely verbal (sometimes a little TOO verbal, haha). We still have signing goals in his IEP, but he simply refuses to sign, as he prefers to talk. With his fluctuating hearing loss, however, we do use it because there are times his amplification can't keep up with the changes in hearing.

xraevision said...

X went through a phrase where he would pull out his aids and throw them across the room when he was angry. Fortunately, he never broke them and has stopped this behavior. He has come to appreciate how important his ears are and now only throws substandard toys. I look forward to the day when he pulls them out and says, "La la la, I can't hear you!" With his language delay, I expect it'll be a while. Annoying (and just a little bit cute) rather than frustrating and destructive.