Monday, January 23, 2012

Nolan Has Vacation Plans

Nolan came home from school the other day, bubbling over with excitement.

"Mom, we need to go to LONDON!"

Since that isn't a phrase expected out of the mouth of a four year old, I just stared and him and repeated, "London?"

"It's a CITY! A big city!"

I was surprised he knew about London, since we haven't exactly studied world geography yet. I asked him what he knew about London.

"It has bridges, Mom. I need to see the London Bridges. They're falling down. In the RIVER!"


London Bridge Is Falling Down.

"Nolan, did you know that Mommy and Daddy have been to London?"

Eyes wide, he said, "Did they take a key and lock you up?"

I took out our photo albums and explained that the river in London is called the Thames, and that the bridges are not currently falling down. I also explained that they aren't locking up any "fair ladies" at the moment.

A bridge in London - not falling down

He seemed rather disappointed. Apparently, he considers watching bridges crash into rivers a ripping good time. Especially if a few ladies happen to get locked up in jail at the same time.

I have a feeling that England will be on the Future Vacation Plan list for Nolan. The Tower of London sounds right up his alley!


Herding Grasshoppers said...

HA HA HA HA HA! I love how literal kids are!

Maybe you can find him some kid-vids about demolition. Mine still love to watch buildings be imploded, bridges demolished, etc. ;D


Kyla said...

That is so funny! I was just getting scolded by KayTar this weekend because I had my wedding BEFORE she was born! How could I exclude her like that? I should have waited until she was 3 or 4, she said! LOL!

monica said...

What a smart boy! Looks like you've got your next trip planned.

rouchi said...

That is really So you are packed soon for your holidays to London after all he needs to see the bridges

xraevision said...

Bah ha ha! This is the funniest story I've read in a long time. I remember being simultaneously disturbed and enchanted by the song as a child. Maybe now that X is understanding the concept of song, London Bridges will be next on the list!