Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Easy Dentist Appointment

The picture is from yesterday, but since today was basically a repeat of yesterday, I'm posting it.

The dental hygienist cleaned the tooth and we were able to get away with NO drilling. A huge relief to me (and to Nolan, too, though he doesn't know it). She dried the tooth, put the sealant over the soft spot, and sent us on our way.

For 10 minutes and $25, this was probably the easiest and cheapest dental appointment we've ever had!

Since we don't ever want to go a day without a doctor appointment, Matt's Molluscum decided to get very infected. The poor kiddo has boils all over his legs where the Molluscum lesions were. I'm calling the pediatrician tomorrow to get him in, because one looks extremely angry and infected. If you don't know what Molluscum is, be thankful. It's a pox-related virus that preschoolers get (and the incidence is increasing). They measure the infection time in years and the pox lesions spread during that time. Nolan got the virus from his brother, but fortunately hasn't had any of his lesions get infected. Both of my boys have eczema, and apparently the two don't mix well.

Nolan will be thrilled to be the one NOT going to the doctor's office, I'm sure. Judging from Matt's reaction to the dental X-ray machine, I suspect Matt will not be very cooperative for the pediatrician. Ugh.


Herding Grasshoppers said...

I've never heard of molluscum before (I could only think of mollusks!) - sounds painful. So sorry!

But glad the outcome of the dental visits was so good. They're SO PATIENT! I would've given up too!


Kyla said...

So glad that the dentist appointment went well and it was an easy fix! I hope Matt has an easy appointment with the pediatrician, too.

Diana Dickert said...

Good for Nolan. At that age, it's not easy to convince children about getting their teeth drilled. It's the sound which bothers both kids and adults.

Well, an easy appointment is something to be very happy about, so cheers to that!
Diana Dickert

Melissa Rhyme said...

I always make a schedule for my son to go to dentist. He loves the treatment and the care his dentist showing him.

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