Saturday, November 12, 2011

Tennis Boy

Nolan started his "Tot Tennis" class this morning. He was so excited to start the program that he was literally dancing as he waited for class to start. He's definitely the smallest kid in the class, but he is having a blast. The program is really perfect for the smallest kids: they learn some skills and do a lot of running and play various ball-throwing games.

I went to his parent-teacher conference at the elementary school yesterday, and he is doing really great in class. Academically, he's doing very, very well. Motor-skill wise, he is lagging a bit. We're continuing to monitor and he may need OT at some point. On the other hand, a lot of the coordination and fine motor skills could simply be developmental (there's a pretty big range of normal at the age of four). We'll see how he progresses as the year goes on!

Nolan's hearing is definitely not quite up to par. He is asking "what?" fairly frequently and is still missing a few Ling sounds during listening checks. His right ear seems to be particularly troublesome - he was holding a large jingle bell to his ear and was shaking it, and started crying because his bell was broken.

Unfortunately, the bell is perfectly fine... his right ear, not so much. He has a CT scan on Wednesday for his sinuses (suspected damage caused by acid reflux), and then we will schedule a follow-up with the ENT. I'll ask her to take a look at his tubes and his ears at that appointment, just to be sure there isn't some sort of infection brewing. I know his left ear has a clogged tube, so we may end up back in the OR before Christmas to replace those tubes.

We also have a sleep center appointment next week, so we'll be fairly busy with trips to Buffalo. Before the crazy week of travel and appointments starts, we are enjoying the snow (yes, snow) and a quiet weekend at home.


Herding Grasshoppers said...

Hurray for the tennis class! Anything that runs that kind of energy off boys is a WONDERFUL THING in my book ;D

The jingle bell reminds me of the Polar Express story... hope it's a clogged tube, or something else "fixable". I think there's something going on with Tate's hearing, too. Either his HA needs maintenance (I hope!) or he's had another drop in hearing. He tends to be stable for a long time, and then have a drop. Ugh.

I wish you well with all those appointments and snow on the roads!


rouchi said...

That is great news Nolan is doing Tennis, am sure he is going to enjoy it!! Hope his hearing get sorted out.

leah said...

We love things that run off energy! He loves doing sports, so he is quite the happy camper with the tennis lessons.

I am hoping his hearing is due to an infection problem - we've had both temporary drops and then real, permanent drops, so anything is possible. No big deal either way, but I'm hoping for the temporary type of hearing loss!

Kyla said...

I hope the hearing issues might be from an infection or something fixable.

Yuck...good luck with the sleep study! We are getting KayTar's results on Tuesday.

Jealous of the snow! We had a cold snap this got down to the 50s. LOL.