Saturday, November 19, 2011

Ear Drops and Flu Shot Drama

'Tis the season.. for germs.

Our trip to the doctor went well yesterday. His left ear is definitely infected, so we decided to go with Ciprodex drops to see if they would work to cure the infection. The good news is that the left tube is still in place - while it had been clogged, the infection pushed its way through the clog and he still has a functional tube. Usually, an ear infection with a clogged tube just perforates the eardrum and wreaks havoc on his ear!

While we were there, he also got a flu shot. He was not very happy about that decision - he screamed bloody murder. On our way out of the building, he yelled at each person in the pediatrician's office: "I don't want a SHOT!" I had to stop by Rite Aid to pick up the ear drops, and  he really hammed it up - he couldn't walk, he claimed, and he hopped on one leg. I would have believed him, but he kept forgetting which leg had gotten the shot, so he alternated the leg he was hopping on. Still, he let everyone know that he was the Boy Who Had Been Maimed By the Flu Shot.

Nolan has been going without hearing aids because of the infection (the right ear looked a little "wet," so we have been leaving that one out as well). It has been a wee bit difficult without the aids. Like an idiot, I decided to take the boys to the mall to exchange something, and Nolan was rather obnoxious.He ran around the mall and communication was extremely difficult. We do use some "survival sign language" with him, but my hands were filled with bags and I couldn't even sign to him to stop running around like a maniac. Any four year old might go crazy in a crowded Bath and Body Works shop, but it is especially frustrating when communication is limited. We ended up abandoning the trip and heading home. His right ear is looking fairly decent this morning, so I will probably put that aid back in today and hope for the best, infection wise. Those earmolds trap moisture and really exacerbate infection issues for Nolan!

I threw both boys into the bath last night and let them play with their toys - a few minutes later, I hear horrendous screams coming from the tub. They had been playing Lion King, and Nolan squirted half a bottle of shampoo into Matthew's eyes (in the movie, Scar the lion throws embers into Simba's eyes). Poor Matthew was in pain, and I finally got him sorted and feeling better. Nolan knew he was in trouble, so he threw himself to the floor and started flailing around yelling, "Oh, the shot made me do it! The shot made me do it!"

Nice try, kid.

Hopefully today will be better with both behavior and hearing!


Herding Grasshoppers said...

Is it bad that I'm laughing? I know YOU probably weren't laughing (now) but you will later. They're sweet boys, y'know?!


rouchi said...

That is really cute and funny !! You must be having quite a time with these Good to hear his infection is better and hope he is back with 2 aids soon.

Kyla said...

Haha! "The shot made me do it!" That'll teach you to keep those things away from him. LOL! What a stinker.