Friday, November 4, 2011

The Case of the Missing FM

We've had a rather busy week - Nolan's gut seems to be doing well, though his missing "s" sounds haven't returned. No sign of an ear infection is present, so I suspect we'll see another drop in those high frequencies when his hearing is tested again.

On Wednesday, Nolan came home and I had a few errands to run. No big deal, but I didn't check his backpack until 4:00pm, when I discovered that his FM transmitter and its case were missing. After some questioning, I discovered Nolan had had a substitute teacher for the day.

I figured it had been left in the classroom - the only problem would be the following day, when the battery in the unit would be discharged. I was also a wee bit concerned that Nolan had taken the unit out of his backpack and tossed it somewhere... you never know what to expect with a four year old!

Fortunately, his teacher was back to school on Thursday and we quickly located the FM transmitter and case. The Phonak Inspiro only takes about 10 minutes to fully charge, and I had the unit set up and running by the start of class. I have a feeling we'll be playing "hide and seek" with the FM system every time there is a substitute, so I'll be sure to check his backpack immediately after school each day. It wouldn't have helped much in this case, though, because the unit was actually located on top of an 8-foot high cabinet.. I would never have found it while searching after school!

Nolan has been quite full of stories lately, too. He told me that it was "G" week and the teacher surprised them by bringing in Golden Retrievers. According to Nolan, there were three puppies and a mommy dog in a large crate, and the children got to take turns holding and petting the puppies.

I told his teacher how awesome she was for bringing in puppies for the letter of the week, and she simply said, "Puppies?"

Hmm... as it turns out, there were no puppies, but we do have a four year old boy with quite the imagination! Perhaps he's just trying to plant some ideas for when "G" week rolls around!


Kyla said...

Haha! What a hoot.

Glad you found the FM system. Maybe you could adhere a small note to it somewhere that says "Please place me back in Nolan's backpack!" so when a sub is there, they will see it and know where it is suppose to go at the end of the day.

Herding Grasshoppers said...

Whew! Glad you found the FM. I know that sinking feeling all too well.

And what a goof he is! Puppies!

rouchi said...

Glad he has his FM back. Kyla has a good suggestion, you should attach a note or a sticker. The picture as usual is so nice!