Friday, November 25, 2011

Still Leaky

Nolan's Ciprodex drops were supposed to be used for seven days - unfortunately, the time period has come and gone and his ear is still infected. Last night at dinner, there was some very obvious nastiness coming out of his left ear. We went back to the pediatrician today, and the doctor decided to place him on Floxin drops for a week to see what happens. I'm not exactly thrilled, since we've "been there, done that" before and he often ends up with a very persistent ear infection. We'll go with the drops, though - maybe it will help his ear clear out. If it doesn't we see the ENT on December 5, anyway. It looks like his left ear will be without sound for a minimum of two weeks. We can't put that aid back in until the infection is entirely gone. In the meantime, he's been going without his ears after bath time to prevent moisture build-up from the earmolds. This leads to a lot of evenings where Nolan declares that our TV set is not working.

"Mom, turn it on!"


He is doing "OK" with the right hearing aid in place, at least when I am speaking. He can't even detect Dennis's speech with it. We have a lot of translation going on in our house right now, where I have to repeat everything Daddy says.

Dennis: "Nolan, you are going to the doctor today with Mommy."
Nolan: "What?"
Dennis: "You are going to the doctor with Mommy."
Nolan: "What?"
Me: Daddy said that Mommy is taking you to the doctor."
Nolan: "Oh, WHY?"
Dennis: "Because your ear is sick."
Nolan: "What?"
Dennis: "Your ear is sick."
Nolan: "WHAT?"
Dennis: "Exactly."

I did get a call into his audiologist. She is going to try to squeeze him in for December 2, which would be great because our insurance changes on January 1. The new insurance policy only allows one hearing test per year, so we're trying to move January's scheduled test into December so we don't exhaust our "allowance" at the beginning of the year. Nolan is still on an every-six-months schedule because his hearing has never been stable over the course of a year.

In any case, it would be really nice if the ear drops would clear out the infection before his hearing test (if we manage to get in on December 2). An infection drops his hearing level by a lot, so we need his ear clear of fluid by next Friday. In the meantime, we are enjoying our Thanksgiving break. We took the kids to see The Muppets, and Nolan told me that he really likes The Muffins. We love having this time off from work, school, and other obligations - the quiet mornings and playtime with the kids are wonderful!


Liz said...


Thank you for the wonderful explanation on looking at other options for Nolan. I understand your battle about keeping your son aided because we have been having the a similar problem. Fortunately, it is due to many different issues, terrible audiologist, bad molds, chronic ear infection and then most recently his one aid isn't working.
My son was diagnosed with Moderate to Severe hearing loss in July of this year and I feel like Alice In Wonderland who got dropped down the rabbit hole. I am trying to figure out this entirely new world. Your blog has been such a blessing to me and I am enjoying reading it daily.

You have given me a few things to research, the Baha option and the Med El (?).

I will lift your little Nolan up in prayer that his ears are healed before your next hearing test.

Warmest Regards,


leah said...

Hi Liz,

The Baha is only for conductive losses and mixed losses with a significant conductive component, so it isn't really "workable" for most kids. Nolan isn't a BAHA candidate anymore because the sensorineural portion of his loss is too significant now.

I am so sorry you've had so many issues with the audiologist/earmolds, etc. We've had our share of earmold troubles, but fortunately they stop growing quite so fast and once you get a good set, they last for a while.

The ear infections can be a real nightmare for hearing aid kiddos - it really affects their hearing! We are always so grateful when his ears clear up (and stay clear)!

Herding Grasshoppers said...

I like Muffins too :D

Praying for a pleasant, relaxing holiday, and the drops to WORK.


leah said...

We're still seeing drainage. Ugh. I have no idea why Nolan's infections seem to be so persistent. Usually, his right ear is the one that gets infected. I guess the left ear wanted to take a turn?

The "Muffins" is a great movie. We had a great time in the theater - a lot of laughs! And the entire movie was actually appropriate for kids AND adults - imagine that! It was so much fun!

Kyla said...

We LOVED the Muppets! Just KayTar and I went to see it, but I think our boys need to see it too. Such a great movie!

Sorry his ear is still yucky! We use captions on the TV for KayTar and have to for years, since she was such an early reader it has always worked well for her...but most little ones don't have that option.

Liz said...


Thanks for the explanation about the BAHA. I had wondered why I had not heard of it but since Kai's hearing loss is sensorineural that make sense why the ENT or audiologist never discussed it with me.

My friend who is hearing impaired recently told me to wipe Kai's mold with an alcohol wipe before I put them in. Kai's audiologist was fine with it but warned me that the alcohol might dry out the mold. We are on his third set of molds since August. I rather replace the molds more frequently than have Kai suffer from Ear infections.

Hope Nolan ears heal quickly!

Warmest Regards,


rouchi said...

Hope his ear infection is away, drops drops please work.

Bill and Shelly said...


To answer your question on our blog....yes, Allison was the one with the closteatoma(sp), She would get the yucky brown smelly drainage. I hope you can get some answers soon.