Wednesday, November 16, 2011

A Nice, Easy Appointment

Nolan's ENT ordered a CT scan of his sinuses since they have been infected for the past two years (another consequence of airway reflux). We headed up to Buffalo Children's today, with Nolan complaining heavily about missing school.

It took a lot of convincing to get him to lie still on the table - once he saw the papoose board, he started to wig out. No surprise there, since that apparatus has always been connected to painful procedures in his experience - the technician walked him through the procedure with his hearing aids and glasses on, and then I took his "ears" and "eyes" off for the actual procedure. The little guy did great!

Listening to the radiology technician before the actual scan.

The entire scan probably took 2 minutes - sinuses are faster than imaging the inner ear, and I was extremely thankful that he can lie still and cooperate. Kids who can't lie still have to be sedated for the procedure, and that adds a lot of stress to a simple test! Nolan did beautifully and I put his hearing aids back on as soon as I was allowed back into the room. It took longer for the radiology department to burn the CD of his CT scan images than it took to actually perform the test!

We left Buffalo, waved goodbye to Canada (across the Niagara River) and stopped by the McDonald's on I-90 for lunch. Nolan loves watching the trucks pass under the bridge, and a nice man stopped by and showed him how to pump his arm to get the trucks to blow their horns. Nolan thought this was really fun - I had to drag him away to get lunch!

McDonald's is a post-doctor treat for the little guy,  and he ate his apples with gusto. He wasn't very interested in the chicken nuggets, but was very happy to have some one-on-one time with Mommy.

I have the CD with the images of Nolan's sinuses - it is sort of weird to see your kid's sinuses on an X-Ray!

I still have to make the follow-up appointment to discuss the results (and to get the ENT to look at Nolan's ears - they've been bothering him, probably due to wax). Hopefully we'll get a week or two off before we trudge back up to Buffalo. I don't mind the trips, but I am less fond of traveling when the snowy weather hits!


Julia said...

I'm so glad it went well! The one time I had a CT scan, I was so miserably sick that I didn't care much, but I think that ordinarily I would be very uncomfortable and anxious in such an enclosed space, so big congrats to Nolan for being so mature and helpful.

Herding Grasshoppers said...

Good for Nolan! He's got a lot of "history" that could make him anxious, but he was able to think it through... good for him!!!

Jan said...

Thanks for the post. I came home to see how he did. Yippee that he tolerated the procedure well. Let me know what the ENT says.

leah said...

I still have to make the follow-up appointment, so hopefully that will get done soon. Still not sure what the course of treatment will be - don't want another surgery but we might need it to let him use the C-Pap... We'll see.

He did great, especially considering the dreaded papoose board of Doom was used - the CT was really, really fast, thank goodness, and the tech was amazingly good with Nolan. He got stickers and we were home before 2:00pm, so I consider that a success!

I am worried about his left ear, though. It looks "wonky" inside, for lack of a better term. I'm not sure if it is just wax or if something more icky is going on in there - I'll be glad to get him to the ENT for her to figure it out!

Terena said...

I just read your last few posts and I'm so excited that Nolan is doing so well. Very brave boy to do the CT. Queen Teen has to be sedated because she CANNOT sit still at all. She's just too scared. She likes McDonalds too.

Great job Nolan, growing so big and strong and being so brave!

Kyla said...

Glad the CT went well. KayTar HATES being tied down. She did okay for the gastric emptying scan, but did NOT like it at all. Torture, she called it.