Thursday, July 1, 2010


Nothing will wake you up faster than a small child calling, "MOMMY!" at 3:00am. Nothing, of course, except the wretched sound of sick child. Stomach flu has hit our house, and we all hope Nolan is the only casualty.

At least it didn't happen right before we traveled to California, like some people we know.

Here's to it being a 24 hour bug, or an attack of reflux. Time will tell!


Joey @ Big Teeth and Clouds said...

Why does that always happen during the night?

I hope he's better quick and back to full strength for your trip.

xraevision said...

Ha! My first response to your post was, "Thank goodness Nolan is sick now and not next week!" Nolan will not have time to be sick at JTC because he will be too busy learning and playing.

We discovered a really big, clean and safe playground in our neighborhood half way through our last week, and I would love to forward you a map with walking directions so that you don't miss out! And don't be shy about organizing a group outing. Just post a note in the apartment elevator with a date and time and you'll have lots of company.

Apraxia Mom said...

Get well soon, little man. And get it out of your system before next've got lots to do!

Herding Grasshoppers said...

Oh bummer. Hope it all passes before your trip... and doesn't pass around. For once you want your kids not to share.


Julia said...

Pits, I hope it's quick. And too bad you can't make it up this afternoon. I have a feeling it'll be a small group today. (BTW, the Beatles song we're going to do is "Love me Do," which is insanely easy to sign.) I hope the rest of you stay healthy, and good luck with your JTC preparations.