Thursday, April 22, 2010

T&A: Day 9 Post-Op

Nolan's tonsillectomy recovery seems to be complete, and we are all grateful! He slept at night with no pain medication, only waking once to come into our bed. There was some fussing, but he fell asleep in a few minutes. He did wake up fussy, so I gave him some Tylenol with Codeine this morning.

He's been doing great today, and it appears we are past the worst. For Nolan, days 3, 6, and 7 were the worst, particularly at night. Last night's restful slumber indicates he is on the mend, and he has been playing rather nicely today.

I am so glad to bring this little chapter to a close!


The Brights said...

Yay! Glad your kiddo is feeling better! It's been heartbreaking keeping up with his recovery...not only poor Nolan, but Poor Mom and Dad too. I hope your nights continue to be restful!

Although sad, I 'wuv'ed yesterday's post :o) Too stinkin cute!

Thanks for the comment today (and every other!). You are always too nice, leaving such wonderful comments for all of us Mom's (and maybe Dad's too). I am sure I'm not the only one who really appreciates your kind and insightful words!

Herding Grasshoppers said...

Oh hallelujah! Isn't it great to see him back to normal?!

And sleep... oh, precious sleep :D

Ericka said...

I also appreciate your comments! And glad Nolan is feeling better!

Apraxia Mom said...

Thank goodness this is behind you now.

Maybe a little R&R is in order for the four of you?

tammy said...

Oh, I just read your previous post too .. poor baby. I am so glad he's on the mend and pray you're over these type of nights. It's so hard to see our babies like this and not know exactly how to comfort them except to keep rocking, holding, loving on them, etc.

hope you're getting some needed rest too!

JoeyRes said...

Whew! What a relief - I hope the little guy continues to feel better!

Kristen@nosmallthing said...

I have been you have had a lot going on! I am glad that the worst seems to be over! Poor little guy. It must be so awful to be that little, and have no control over anything, and feel so cruddy (and need wuv...that right there would have broken me!)

Again, glad he's on the mend!