Tuesday, April 20, 2010

T&A: Day 7 Post-Op

Nolan is soldiering through his recovery. He woke at 4:00am in agony, and cried for another few hours until more Tylenol with Codeine kicked in. He's doing "OK" today- alternating between crying and being just fine- when the Tylenol with Codeine wears off, he is less than happy.

We did manage to take a library trip today and went with some friends to the playground to get some sunshine. Nolan cried a lot at the playground, but it seems to have done him some good because he is happy and quiet now.

His ear isn't draining as badly, so the Ciprodex is doing its job on the ear infection front. In a few more days, we should be beyond the tonsillectomy pain and ear infection, and I will be thrilled to have our happy little boy back!


tammy said...

Poor baby. I've always heard how hard this recovery is and then he's had the ear drainage on top of it all. So glad you got to get out though, sunshine always seems to do everyone a bit of good. Hope the little man's pain free real soon!

Herding Grasshoppers said...

Oh... so not fun.

But it will all be worth it down the road.

Hang in there,