Wednesday, April 21, 2010

T&A: Day 8 Post-Op

Last night was bad. Really, really bad. Nolan woke up at 12:38am, which was brilliant because he was allowed to have more codeine at 12:30am. We gave him his medicine, but he was quite unhappy so I took him downstairs to settle on the couch and watch some TV until the medication kicked in. We both fell asleep on the couch and Nolan woke again at 3:00am, absolutely hysterical.

He screamed for about an hour, and nothing would help. He told me his throat hurt, that his tongue hurt, and that he wanted his cup. It was too early for more medication, so I tried to soothe him on the sofa with his sippy cup and beloved "black bear." He simply couldn't settle, alternately yelling for "Dad" or his cup. He would also reach for me, grab me in a hug, and wail, "Want wuv!" I gave him all the "wuv" I could, but he wanted down and went upstairs. Dennis picked him up and he kept wailing "Dad!" We finally realized he wanted "bed." He felt awful, but he wanted to lie in his own bed with his sippy cup and his bear. We tucked him in, and he fell asleep, exhausted from his 2 hour long scream-fest.

He had ice cream for breakfast, and by 9:00am, you would never know what a terrible night this kid had been through. His days are much, much better than his nights. He is playing well, not as whiny, and I really think we have turned the corner. Perhaps this will be the end of the pain- I certainly hope so.

Maybe we'll all get some sleep tonight.


Herding Grasshoppers said...

"Want wuv!" How precious!

Praying he's on the mend...


xraevision said...

Awwww! Want wuv?!! That is heartbreaking! I hope last night was the worst of the recovery process and that you all get some sleep tonight.

Robyn said...
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Robyn said...

Hi Leah-
I was touched by your comment on my blog, it always surprises me when someone reads what I write. ;) I'm glad that hearing aids were the right route for you and your little guy, I have the feeling that it's going to make a huge difference in his speech. My guy has been in therapy since his second birthday. My husband is still not convinced, so it's either his luck or disadvantage that his mom is going into audiology! I'm hoping your little guy feels better soon, it's always hard when they don't feel well.

JoeyRes said...

That is so hard. It must be frustrating that there isn't more you can do to help him. It's tough when you just have to wait on the body to heal and stop hurting.