Thursday, May 28, 2009

CPSE Meeting

Matt signs himself in- backwards "a" and all

We had our annual CPSE meeting for the Matt. The short story is we are not going to have summer services and will resume in the fall, assessing to see if he still requires speech therapy. He is becoming more intelligible over time, though still has some inappropriate errors for his age (darn those missing consonants)!

Anyhow, I'm going into complete brag mode here. Matt is starting to read- he's been sight reading words for a while. Now he is starting to decode some basic phonics (simple three letter words). He floored the special education coordinator. The meeting went something like this:

Hi, let's all introduce ourselves!

[goes around the room, people introduce themselves]

Matt: "hi, I Matt. M-A-T-T Matt."

Special Ed coordinator: "he can spell his name? That's pretty good! He's not even four until December."

Us: "Yeah."

Matt: [writes his name on a piece of paper] "that how you spell it. M-A-T-T."

Special Ed coordinator: "he can WRITE his name?????!!!!"
Us: "Yeah."

Matt: "Your name start with "D." Cyndi name Start with "C." Cyndi is C-Y-N-"

Special Ed coordinator (named Dianne): "Wow. I can hear the artic delay, but my goodness."

SLP: "Yeah, he's the first three year old I've had that uses spelling and reading to correct his speech. His cognitive level is helping us achieve our goals"

Matt: "I like read. S-T-O-P stop. U-P up. Nolan start with N. Why there five people in here? No, there six people in here."
I'm glad we got him out of there before he started showing off his flair for addition!


Herding Grasshoppers said...


What a brainiac!


Lucas'Mommy said...

That's so great! Sounds like he's a real charmer! It's always nice to impress :)

Julia said...

WOWEEE!!! What a little brainiac! Despite the articulation issues, it sounds like he has an excellent grasp of language and phonics. How exciting!

tammy said...

That's awesome! I'm sure mom and dad were walking out with huge smiles and heads held high! Way to go Matt!

leah said...

Yeah, we were pretty thrilled walking out of there. I guess we didn't realize that writing your name at the age of three is "advanced" behavior. I think those beginning reading/writing skills are a natural outflow of all the sound awareness we do because of his speech delay. Plus, the kid just loves words and books. I feel like a total braggart, but I really am on cloud nine after that meeting!

Herding Grasshoppers said...


Moms have the privilege of bragging on their kids.

I wanted to repeat a comment here that I left for you on my blog too...

You're doing an awesome job of providing a language-rich environment and Matt is responding wonderfully with natural curiosity and intelligence.

Don't listen to the nutty "teacher" who told you to "slow him down".

Obviously we wouldn't want to push a child to achieve things he's not ready for, but you're not doing that. You're nurturing your kids, and they are blooming like little flowers :0)

Keep up the great job!