Sunday, May 10, 2009

Nolan's Magazine Debut

Our local Jr. Deaf Club was featured in Odyssey Magazine, and Nolan has a picture in the article! The magazine is here. You'll have to download the PDF file and then scroll to the article (For Information and Fellowship, Deaf Club Eases Isolation)by Karen Lindeman (a local teacher of the deaf in our area).


Lucas'Mommy said...

How cool! I just got that magazine in the mail too! Nolan's a celebrity!!

Julia said...

When I showed the article to Neil, he said that maybe we should get down to Jamestown sometime for a meeting!

About the 6 month goals: We wrote up some great ones back in January. They were ambitious, but I think he's actually met a number of them already. I'd be glad to share them with you -- I'm sure that some are behind where Nolan is now, but they might give you ideas. We asked the SLP at the NYU Cochlear Implant Center for suggestions, and we also got some goals from a terrific checklist that Lynn Shea (director of BHSC Oral School) gave us last fall.

Ask Michelle Dube if Lynn or one of the teachers up there can give Nolan a language assessment. That's what we did last fall. Lynn did it in about 45 minutes prior to one of our audi appointments. It was very informative.

leah said...

Getting an independent eval wouldn't be a bad idea. We might come up with some different goals with a different set of eyes/ears. We have 2-3 word sentences, so he's meeting goals for an "average" 27 month old even though he's only 20 months old now. We do have some receptive goals to put down and some turn-taking ones, but getting ideas from Lynn isn't a bad idea at all. We're due for a hearing test anyway..

The Jr. Deaf Club is interesting. The kids are all older than Nolan, with a range of technology used. There are 2 hard of hearing kiddos like Nolan, one elementary school age little guy with bilateral AB CI's, and then two older kids who attend St. Mary's School for the Deaf. The next meeting is a seminar format with two adults speaking about their experiences in school (one was mainstream and one went to a school for the deaf). It should be interesting, anyway!