Friday, May 1, 2009

Urology Consult

We visited the urologist yesterday and he told us that the blockage could be one of three things:

1. there is no blockage and the pediatrician and staff at our local hospital just couldn't place the catheter because they're not as experienced at it.
2. There is a congenital stricture (very rare)
3. He has PUV's.

Because options 2 and 3 are rather serious, we need to investigate. He also wants to complete a VCUG (which we weren't able to do before) becuase of the family history of urinary reflux.

He didn't try to place a catheter today because Nolan's been through so much already. He gave us two options for investigating the problem:

1. Do a VCUG while he is awake, and if they can't place the catheter then they'll call down urology. Then if urology can't place the catheter, we'll have to come back another day to do a procedure while he's put under anaesthesia.

2. Do a cytoscopy under sedation to view any possible problem. If a problem is found, they'll fix it right then. If no problem is found, they'll place a catheter under sedation and then wait for him to wake up, then do a VCUG.

We chose option 2, since we've tried option 1 at our local hospital and it didn't work out. He agreed this was probably the best course of action, and we will be scheduling surgery soon. Hopefully they won't find a problem, but even if they do they will release him the same day. So at least there is no overnight hospital stay. If they do find PUV's and ablate them, he'll have a catheter placed overnight and that will have to be removed the following day, but he'll still be allowed to come home. The nurse will call me next week to schedule the procedure.


Pattie said...

OK. Now we have some good answers and a doc who really has his act together. I like the options, and I would have chosen the same one as you. How long of a procedure is it? General anesthesia with an IV or mask anesthesia? Leave it to a nurse to ask these questions, huh?

((HUGS)), Leah. You are really earning those angel wings, you know? I admire you and your strength.

Herding Grasshoppers said...

I like #2. Less trauma for Nolan, and if there's a problem they can 'fix' it when they find it, rather than going through one more thing.

Leah, you're doing great :0) You have two "lucky" little guys under your roof :0)


rouchi said...

What a lot to go through. Brave team.....I agree singing gives you all together- intonation, voice modulation, fluency in language and confidance in speech. Ask a kid, he would always say , his mom is the best singer!I am sure your kiddo feels the same.I too feel option 2 would be better.