Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Because I'm Always Late to the Party

I finally received our copy of "I Don't Believe My Ears," a charity book which benefits the Deafness Research Foundation. Personally, I think the last page is the best. But I'm a tad biased (yes, that is Nolan on the front cover, in the bottom right corner). The book actually came out a while ago, but it took me a while to get it ordered!

In other news, life has been going along swimmingly. Our speech therapist has been out ill, so we have had a week of free play. Things get back to normal starting tomorrow, though! Nolan's right hearing aid also broke. Luckily it is just the battery door, so it shouldn't be an expensive fix. Unfortunately, the battery door is also the on/off switch, so the door popping open is definitely not a good thing. His battery doors also lock to prevent little fingers from getting to the very toxic batteries inside, so the fact that the right one can't lock shut is a problem.

Part of me wonders if the UV light in his Dry and Store made the plastic brittle, but I suspect I just happened to tweak it the wrong way when I was changing the batteries the other day. I love our Dry and Store, so I hope I just managed to wrench the plastic door a little too hard!


rouchi said...

The battery doors are very fragile. I am also very scared to close it when I change the battery.Yes , the nasality is part of being HI.All kids go thru this phase and it is essential u get him out of it now by constantly immitating his voice and geting him to hear it and correct it.Thru nasal sounds there are vibrations in the nose , which they feel it while talking.Due to that they are comfortable with the thought that they are talking, specially when they are without aids.Prisha too is doing it again but as I immitate her , she smiles and changes her voice.Her boils are better but I just hope they are gone forever. Thank God I shifted to homeopathy, it takes a while but the problem would go from the root and for ever.Venice is good when u r alone and have the chance to walk and enjoy the gandolas. With HA, I was a bit not comfortable with being too much near water. Leah , I hope u r drying his ears with a hair dryer after those swims.Just a bit concerned.Also I suffered from the reflux for many years. It is due to acidity.Avoid too much of acidic foods and also less fluids while feeding solid meals as it gives out more acids which eat up the food pipe and result in reflux.Homeopathy took care of that problem for me.All the best.

leah said...

Luckily Nolan doesn't put his head in the water yet! We had him in a parent/infant swim class and pulled him out because he was getting water in his ears all the time- he gets lots of middle ear infections so we didn't want to make it worse!

That is interesting about the nasal sound- I didn't realize that was why that happened! It is much worse when Nolan's aids are off, so that explains it! We know he hears some sounds worse than others- some vowels are rather distorted for him. Like "rain" comes out as a very soft "wuhn." Other vowels are clear as day- "eight" comes out as "eight!" Go figure!

Right now Nolan only eats strawberries, bananas, rice, and oranges. And milk. Some of those things are quite bad for reflux, but he has to have the whole milk for the calorie count (or so we're told). We're waiting on the result of this next test to see if he really has it or not! Not sure what they'll recommend about his diet since he's such a picky eater. Toddlers are so fussy!

rouchi said...

We r told by my teacher that r takes a while.We teach Prisha "rain" as "vain" R can be substituted with "Wh" or "L" and with time they get it.Prisha is still not ok with it most times.normal kids too do it.Dont worry.Hope his food problem gets solved.

tammy said...

I still need to order my copy too! I have a list of books on my wish list right now! I noticed Nolan right away on the cover when it debuted.

When Aiden had his HAs, his battery door broke too. They wanted to send it out to get fixed, but by the time it would have been returned, was too close to his surgery, so we opted for duct tape. lol

Glad you all had some time off. I think vacations/days off need to be planned from therapy just like they do in school!

Val said...

I just noticed it says "I'm All Ears" girl that one is my book, which you have as well but this one for charity is "I Don't Believe My Ears!!" lol

leah said...

ROFL, Val! Thanks for the heads-up! I fixed it- I think I need more coffee in the mornings, haha!