Monday, March 16, 2009

So Totally Beyond Frustrated

I managed to get into the pediatrician's office today. To see doctor #2 regarding Nolan's unending fever, and the new funny rash.

We got to wait in the parking lot for our turn, because they wanted to keep us quarantined in case it was Chicken Pox. We were called in through a back entrance and put into an exam room. The nurse took a quick look and said it didn't look like Chicken Pox. She took his temp and his low-grade fever is still there. We're on Day Six of a 99-100 degree fever.

Then the doctor came in. He took a look and informed me that the rash was not due to a virus. He thinks it might be flea bites. Except they don't look like flea bites. But he's pretty sure they're not viral. Or bug bites. He just doesn't know.

I told him that sounded like a strange diagnosis, because they've been cropping up on Nolan's belly over the weekend and spreading beyond his torso. Oh, yeah- and he has a fever. THAT WON'T GO AWAY.

The doctor then informed me that 99-100 degrees is NOT a fever.

Really? Because doctor number one thought it was enough of a fever to do a WBC on the kid. I'm pretty sure there's a reason a LOW GRADE FEVER is called a fever.

I am so frustrated, and worried for my little guy. There are just so many unknowns that keep me awake at night lately.

Failure to grow, for no known reason
Hearing loss, for no known reason

And then you add in:

Fever, for no known reason
Rash, for no known reason

Yeah, I'm a little stressed out!

I just don't know what to do. Nolan is due for his immunizations on Wednesday, and if he still has this non-fever I don't want him to get the shots.


susannah said...

hmmm. our daughter also has failure to grow and hearing loss for no known reason. she was 8 lbs 13 oz at birth and now she is teeeeeny. she wasn't even on the growth chart for her age for weight or height, but we've been stuffing her with food so now weight-wise she is at 5%. but it concerns us and none of her doctors seem to know why- they've looked into things, but have no answers.

add in that she has a weird red dot explosion all over her upper thighs/lower torso for no reason...anyway, just sounds a bit similar.

leah said...

Very interesting... that does sound similar!

I'm just totally stressing, but I do get really worried about the little guy. I'm hoping the fever and the red dots will go away soon, no matter what they are!

rubi said...

not chicken pox? that's good but not so good! what is it? I get very worried when they don't know what it is.. you should defin. return to your Dr. asap & INSIST that you want a regular blood test. tell your Dr. your concerns. I don't mean to scare or frustrate you its just that you don't want to haveto regret it g-d forbid later! and btw your Dr. seems a bit ignorant!
hoping to hear better news....
A Frantic mom

Drew's Mom said...

I am surprised that he didn't diagnoss it as Roseola! I thought that is what he had for sure. Did you ask him about that?

I hope this clears up ASAP. This has been going on for way too long. It's never fun when your kids are sick, and I think with these guys were are always extra cautious. Keep us update!

Julia said...

I'm not overly impressed by Doctor #2. I know it's a pain to get out and about, but any chance you can find a Doctor #3?

Last summer, in the 3 week span between CI surgery and activation, we took Ben to a family reunion out in Indiana, and while we were there he siezed that opportune moment to break into red spots all over his torso. Right when we're absolutely terrified of meningitis and all sorts of other post-surgical complications. Turned out to be just a little heat rash that went away after a few days.

Any chance it's an allergic reaction to laundry detergent? (Might explain both fever and rash.) Anyway, hope both the rash and the mystery are cleared up soon.

raizy said...

Hey Rubi how did we both land here? magnetic?! lol! so funny as I was reading this I was thinking the same thing as you! Leah, Hi I'm new here & I volunteer @ SKM hospital for children with cancer with Rubi. so that's why we think the way we do, I run to the Dr. & demand a blood test for every spec I see - that's because I'm paranoid! I wouldn't be to concerned , but yes I do agree with Rubi that Dr. # 2 does not sound too professional & its a good idea to have that blood test taken - just to clear any doubts, ifs...etc.
I'm so happy to have landed on your blog now because I have a sister with some HOH & deaf kids. none of my nieces & nephews were implanted. They all wear hearing aids. her daughter recently had a baby that Yes is dead! they are thinking of implanting. I see many links on your blog to other blogs aboutkids implanted. is it ok if I share with them your blog so that they can have access to other ones too?
thanks in advance & Good luck with that little adorable boy of yours. hope it all comes to an end quickly.

raizy said...

OMG! typo error -my niece had a baby who is DEAF and not DEAD. sorry Mary ( if you come across this post).

Julie said...

Oh that's so frustrating!

I think I'd either go back to #1 or find #3.

Good luck...


Pattie said...

Leah, Dr #2 sounds like an a$$! I would start making some demands, too. Once we stand up to them and they realize we are not idiots to their superior title after their name, it is amazing how much more respect you gain. You can make your point without being disrespectful. Yes, as a nurse, a temp of 100 degrees (especially in little ones) for that long IS a fever! You deserve a medal for all that you go thru and the patience you have...they would have had to call the cops on me! LOL! Take care and give Nolan a hug from me and Andrew.

Lucas'Mommy said...

Sending hugs your way. I'm sure it's frustrating and stressful! Maybe it's on to doctor #3. Hang in there!!!!!

tammy said...

Oh my Leah! I'm just catching up after many weeks and can't believe all you're going through! Poor Nolan! I wish I had some words of advice, but I am sending huge hugs your way! I'll keep you all in my prayers hoping it all gets figured out SOON!

Mandie said...

I am so sorry he's not doing well. I can handle a lot of things, but not knowing what's wrong drives me insane. I'll keep you in my prayers!

leah said...

We're off to his well-baby appointment today. The fever's still there, the rash is going away. Go figure!

Dianrez said...

That was so evocative!

I took my 4 yr old daughter to the emergency room for fever and a few red dots on her stomach; and coincidentially was seen by the foremost pediatrician/professor in the city. He diagnosed "bug bites" (note: freezing February in the Northeast??) and sent us on our way.

It became obvious what she had the next day. CHICKEN POX. A pox on doctors!