Friday, March 13, 2009


Well, the good news is that Nolan's ears are perfectly fine. And so are his throat, lungs, and nose. There is absolutely nothing wrong with him, except for a fever that will not go away. The official diagnosis? FUO- Fever of unknown origin. It sounds more like an alien disk descending from space than a medical issue, but there you go. So now we watch and wait, and hopefully the fever will disappear eventually. They did do a finger stick to see if his white blood cell count was up, and it's not. He's due for shots next Wednesday (well baby appointment) so hopefully the fever will be gone by then.

He's also up to 20 pounds, 10oz! We're almost at the 21 pound mark, so at least he's still gaining weight. This child seems to subsist on a diet of milk and three cheerios per day, but at least he's still gaining some weight.


Lucas'Mommy said...

I was thinking FUO was an alien term too, :) hahahahaha

Hope it goes away soon, I'm ready for warmer weather too!!!!!

leah said...

They think it is some strange virus- no other symptoms, just the fever! Go figure. I'm ready for warmer weather, too!

rubi said...

Hi leah,.
I stumbled upon your blog accidentally.... your last post actually got me worried if I were you I would demand another blood test be taken- get to the bottom of this. it may be fuo, and it may very possibly not be!
wishing you the best of luck.
a concerned mom

leah said...

We're on day 5 of the low-grade fever. Now we have a slight rash, too. It's probably viral... we have a well-baby check up on Wednesday. We'll see what they say then (if the fever is still there)!