Friday, March 20, 2009

Positive Urine Culture

Poor little kiddo. His "bag" urine sample is positive for growth, so now we have to go for a more sterile method of collection at the pediatrician's office.

The good news is that his fever is gone (98.8 degrees) this morning. Hopefully the original sample was contaminated (likely) and we'll be free and clear after getting the results of the cath. sample.

Update: the fever isn't really gone. Our ear thermometer just sucks. He's still at 99.9 degrees. I'll update more later.

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Val said...

oh, Gage is still sore from his cath this week. His syndrome caused him to have a small hypospadias which he had corrected before age one...anyway they met a little resistence when doing the cath this time but they "broke thru" which as you can imagine has left him a little's getting better. Sorry to hear about all this, little man has had it rough here lately hasn't he? I'll be hoping it's all over very soon and you get to the exacts of what the problem is.