Friday, March 13, 2009

Fever, Day Three

Nolan has had a low-grade fever since Tuesday evening. I managed to get into the pediatrician today- I hope it isn't another ear infection!

He has no other symptoms (other than not eating, but that's nothing new).

I want spring to hurry and get here so that we can get past the nasty season of infectious diseases!


Julia said...

One thing after another, isn't it? I battled a nasty cold for almost a month this winter. Ben and Neil both got it, but fortunately it was short-lived for them. I'm so grateful that Ben is not an ear infection kid. My sister probably spent more of her childhood with an ear infection than without, so my mother could commiserate with you.

I hope he gets better soon, with no impact on his hearing.

leah said...

Turns out his ears are fine! So is everything else... except the random fever. At least we don't have ear fluid or infection, because that really affects Nolan's hearing levels. I had terrible ear infections as a kid, so it looks like Nolan inherited my middle ear issues and Matt inherited Dennis's perfect ears.