Sunday, March 15, 2009

Could It Be?

Well, this might explain our unknown origin of the fever... (you might need to enlarge the photo go get a gander at the spots).

I'm not sure what kind of rash this is, but could it be Chicken Pox? Nolan was vaccinated against that disease at 12 months of age.

Now I just need an infectious disease expert to add to our portfolio. Sigh...


rubi said...

oooh your in for fun! why did you vaccinate him ? whatever it is when you do go back to the Dr. just ask for a blood test. I'm a pediatric volunteer at Sloan Kettering, I've heard many such stories... and they turned out differently. I'm sure you have nothing to worry about, just be extra precautious, won't hurt !
All the best

Drew's Mom said...

He has Roseola! Google it, but it is characterized by a high fever for 3+ days, followed by the fever suddenly breaking and a rash, primarily over the trunk section. I actually thought that when you mentioned the high fever the other day, but now I'm sure!

This is what Drew had last summer that caused his seizure. So glad that didn't happen to Nolan. I guess about 25% of the kids have a seizure from the high fever!

Julie said...

I can't tell well enough from the picture, but Roseola is my guess too.

Although, they CAN get chicken pox after being vaccinated. They usually get a milder case. But having the fever before the rash looks more like Roseola.

leah said...

Not Roseola. Or chicken pox. No one knows what it is! And he STILL has the fever.

I'm beyond frustrated. It deserves it's own post.