Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Mr. One Ear

Nolan is finally feeling better. His fever broke Sunday afternoon, so it looks like he is finally on the mend. His ear looks great, though we're not quite done with the antibiotics. Thank goodness the boy likes Yoplait!

I've been keeping his right aid out for most of the day, worried that trapped moisture might reignite the infection. We see the pediatrician today and I should get the all-clear to keep both aids all day. Since his eardrum is healing, his hearing levels in the right ear *should* return to normal (well, his normal). We see the ENT on December 1st to get the all-clear to finish audiological testing.

Our SLP wanted to increase his service times to three times per week. I was worried we wouldn't be allowed to increase times since one ear fluctuated back up to mild/moderate in the high frequencies. Luckily, the service coordinator agreed to the increase in speech services over the next few months to make sure he stays on track. The frequent middle ear problems and fluctuating loss complicate things a bit, because getting him properly amplified is difficult! He is either over or under amplified, depending on the current state of hearing. Hopefully we'll get reliable, stable hearing levels soon!

Our weekly schedule is going to soon involve:

Monday: Speech therapy x 2 boys
Tuesday: Preschool (Matt) and Library Story Hour
Wednesday: Speech therapy x 2 boys
Thursday: MOPS and speech therapy x 1 boy
Friday: No scheduled activities- woo hoo!


Julie said...

Nolan looks SO much better in this picture... you can tell he must be feeling better too :0)

Oh my, you're going to be busy...

Happy Thanksgiving,


tammy said...

So glad that nasty fever finally broke! You are going to be one busy mamma! Not that you already aren't! Now you can truly say TGIF!!

Loudest Mom said...

I hate ear infections.....Poor Nolan (and poor mom). You're schedule is making me tired :) Bet you'll be loving Fridays!