Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Babble Game

I first heard of the "babble game" over on the Cochlear Kids blog, as a good way to practice hearing and repeating different sounds. This is good for speech development, and also for tracking hearing levels with which sounds the kids are able to reproduce correctly. Obviously Nolan is just learning the idea of this game, so he generally doesn't imitate. He is starting to catch on, though, and will occasionally repeat the babble. Here is a sample of us learning to play the babble game:

Gage and Brook use beads to make bracelets, but that won't work with a 14 month old. I used raisins instead. I also used Matt as a model- he has a speech delay so he says many of the babble words incorrectly. This game is rather good for him, too! We don't have true AVT in this area, so I am sort of "winging it" with the help of other parents on the internet.

We also have Nolan's IFSP review coming up soon. We will have to make goals for an age level of 21 months. I am waiting to see the results of his annual testing through EI, as I am sure that will yield some goals. We are continuing with sign language as well as with the auditory/oral part of his therapy. Nolan will imitate many signs and often will attempt to verbalize the words he signs. The combination seems to work for him, so we will continue with this method.


Anonymous said...

That babble game is a fun one! Ethan now imitates all sorts of sounds in his environment, it's pretty funny sometimes to hear what he comes up with. Today we opened the car door with the lights still on, so the car made this high pitched "beep, beep, beep" and he was in the backseat mimicking the sound almost perfectly. He does this with all types of music as well.

Where would be (as parents of hoh/deaf kids) without the internet? I know I'd be LOST.

Julie said...

I love how you can tell that Nolan hears Matthew saying the sounds :0)

tammy said...

Ooooo, I'll have to save this one for when Aiden is a bit older! Your boys are just adorable! I love how Matthew's such a good big bro and trying to help out his little brother! and I can't believe all the snow outside! How beautiful!

Landry said...

Keep up the great work-he'll get it soon! Landry and I are in the same boat, so I look forward to watching Nolan's progress!!

leahlefler said...

Heather, thank GOODNESS for the internet! Without John Tracy, the yahoo groups, and most importantly- other moms- I'd be lost!

Julie, he most certainly does hear his brother! I try to use their competitiveness to my advantage during speech sessions, lol!

The other day I got him to imitate "mamama" and "dadada." Didn't get it on tape, though!