Saturday, November 22, 2008

Still Sick

Nolan's ear is looking better, but his fever keeps going up. It was being kept down to 102 on Tylenol, but he's been on strong antibiotics since Tuesday and this bug keeps getting worse instead of better!

Our pediatrician's office is open on Saturday mornings, so I took him in for a check to make sure nothing more serious is going on with the little fellow. His fever was 102.5, so they gave him some Motrin on top of the Tylenol to see if it would come down. They also took some blood to make sure it wasn't a bacterial infection that the antibiotic wasn't fighting.

The good news is that he doesn't have a serious bacterial infection, but there is a very nasty virus at play. He still has bronchitis and his fever is difficult to manage. We just have to wait a few days until his body fights off the infection. We also need to finish the antibiotic (which was prescribed for the ear infection). His ear is clear now and the rupture is healing, which is good news. We have an appointment with the ENT on December 1 to get the all-clear to finish his audiological testing.

The bad news? He's severely anemic. This was surprising since his CBC at his one year old checkup showed no anemia. He's far below the normal weight curve (18 pounds, 15 ounces at 15 months of age). He only eats a small amount of food, and is rather picky at the same time. We were sent off to get some liquid vitamins with iron to help him build up his red blood cell count.

Our current medical arsenal now includes amoxicillin, Tylenol/Motrin alternating every four hours, Ciprodex (eardrops), and now liquid vitamins that smell like rusty nails. His fever is back up to 102 F even with the Motrin, so I really hope he beats this thing soon!


Julie said...

Oh poor baby!

And poor tired mom :0( I think we suffer as much as the kids, when they are sick.

Saying a prayer for him right now...


milesmom said...

I just got a chance to take a look at your blog after you left a comment on mine and I'm struck by the coincidence that our little guys were born two days apart with textbook births. Do you ever wonder what the heck went wrong?

rouchi said...

A very detailed blog.Will go thru more.
sory about the lil boy.Pray that he is well soon.They not only loose on health when they are not well, the speech too gets affected.All the best.

Karen said...

Sending some wellness vibes over to your house! Hope he feels better soon.