Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Going Under

There are times I really, really wish our ENT was a little closer to our house. We were sent to the office in Depew yesterday to discuss the whole 80dB mixed hearing loss in the right ear thing. I learned some really valuable lessons on the way:

  1. Transit Road in Buffalo is NOT the same as Transit Road in Depew.
  2. My GPS system is out to get me.
  3. Calling 411 for the phone number to the ENT will not help you when the ENT's office dumps you into their voicemail system.
  4. You will need a pen to write down alternative phone numbers offered by the voicemail system, and there will be none in the car.
  5. Mobile gas stations do not carry pens.
  6. Three hours in a car does not make 1 and 3 year old boys happy.

We did eventually make it to the ENT, which was good considering the looming lake effect snow warning. She looked in Nolan's ears and made the proclamation that he had lots of middle ear fluid in his right ear. She scheduled us for a replacement PE tube this Thursday, and will check the positioning of the left PE tube at the same time. She also considered taking his adenoids, but then relented and said that the adenoids will come out with the third set of tubes.

I'm really hoping that we can avoid a third set of tubes, but having 2 sets in his tender 15 months of life doesn't set a very promising record. Off we go for sedation number 4!


Val said...

well bless him, at least now you have your answer for the lack of hearing...maybe this will help and his dbs will come back up.

Karen said...

Oh boy, that brought back memories! Our ENT office was like a second home. My oldest had ear infections and fluid but we were fortunate that the tubes worked for him. Time was our biggest ally and it seemed that after the age of three, things settled down for us.

Julie said...

Oh Leah,

My heart goes out to you (for the three hour drive, as well as the hearing issues!)

The one nice thing about having all this done so young is that he probably just rolls right through it. I mean, adults have a lot of anxiety about in anticipation of things like surgery (!) that kids don't bother with.

Let us know when it'll happen and I'll pray :0)


leahlefler said...

It's scheduled for this Thursday, so it will happen very soon! They squeezed him in because they consider it an "emergency" since he can't hear out of that ear for now. Thank goodness he is so young- he has no anxiety and recovers VERY quickly. And it is a really minor procedure, but I don't like having him sedated so often!

Julie said...

Oh gee, you said Thursday in your original post and I slid right over it. I'd better just pray for him now, or I'll forget!