Monday, November 3, 2008


Turns out almost-three-year old boys are not very good helpers with scooping out pumpkin guts. Let's just say that the words "ew" and "you do it" came out nice and clear from my firstborn. Nolan, however, was extremely enthusiastic and literally dived right in. Note the lack of hearing aids, because we really didn't feel like exercising the warranty at this point in time.

Even though we had removed his aids, we continued to talk up the experience. He mostly gets vowels with his aids off, so I was bummed that his pilot cap was in the wash! I will make an experience book for all of our recent events to go over the language in a cleaner environment.

Luckily, the pilot cap was nice and clean by the time it was time to go trick-or-treating! Hopefully that kid will stop pulling his aids out soon- sheesh!


Bright Family said...

Cute pictures!

Tayten DID NOT like the pumpkin guts either. Silly boys!

Hope you all had a wonderful Halloween!

tammy said...

Such a cute costume! I will never forget my oldest son's first "digging" of the pumpkin. He kept gagging to finally throw up all over his daddy. So glad it wasn't me! haha He is still, to this day, very sensitive to smells! Aiden was loving his hands in all the goo and screamed when I had to take him away!

debcny said...

Ha! My boys are opposites when it comes to poumpkin guts too.. The big one always loved them.. the little one wants nothing to do with them...

great pics, btw.

Anonymous said...

They're both so cute! I can't believe how big Nolan is getting!

Julie said...


My boys have adopted the 'Calvin mentality' (think Calvin and Hobbes), and will look at the pumpkin, with a fiendish gleam in their eyes, and say something like,

"Time for your lobotomy, Jack!"

leahlefler said...

ROFL Julie! Your boys are going to be comedians one day!

Shannon said...

Just came to your blog today via Speak Up. My speech-delayed son, also Nolan, is 26 months and will be having a sedated ABR on December 3 to check for hearing loss. We are alo in NY, the Binghamton area. Would you email me with any advice you have for someone at the beginning of this adventure? Thanks!