Wednesday, October 29, 2008

I Expect a Full Book Report in the Morning

We received Val's book in the mail a little while back and we have all thoroughly enjoyed it. What is I'm All Ears about? The initial fears and anxiety of a new diagnosis, the thrill of watching your children thrive despite challenges that life throws at them, and perseverence.

Plus, the book contains many therapy ideas, including 101 uses for a laundry basket. With the recent snow, we found just one more thing laundry baskets are good for: impromptu sleds!

We got IN the basket, went DOWN the hill, then PULLED the sled UP the hill. Who knew laundry baskets were so good for language?


Julie said...

Snow already?!

My boys are SOOOO jealous!


Jennifer Bruno Conde said...

I LOVE your impromptu sleds!

tammy said...

Holy crap ... snow already! I guess this is what's coming our way soon enough! We went from shorts to sweaters within a matter of a week. Guess I need to bust out the laundry basket!

Val said...

Thank you, very nice mom! EXACTLY what I was talking about, impromtu therapy!! love it

Possibly Moving Mom said...

I'm so glad I found your blog!

My almost four year old son has a severe language delay with excellent receptive language and no hearing loss.

We've been doing speech for over a year and are in the process of starting additional evaluations.

What a great read!

Here It Comes said...

Snow?! My daughter is wearing shorts to school today, because she claims she will be too hot in jeans on the playground. Probably, she is right. I guess that is what we get for living in Texas!