Thursday, May 22, 2008

He Ate the Queen

Matthew had two coins in his hand this morning. He doesn't usually eat things anymore (key word: USUALLY) so I put the carpet shampooer back in the closet and came downstairs to get the coins off him.

Tip for the future: remove coins from child BEFORE putting the carpet shampooer away.

Covered in drool and crying, I asked him what was wrong. I noticed he only had one coin (an English penny) in his hand. I asked him where the other coin was. In clear, beautiful English, he said: "I eat."

I'm not quite sure what the coin was- it was either an English coin or a Swedish Krona. I hope it wasn't some of the Chinese currency we have laying around (God only knows what metal THOSE are made of). After going through our various stashes of foreign coins, I'm pretty sure it was a British Pound. About the size of a nickel and twice as thick.

Darn those international business trips!

Next up: waiting for the pediatrician to call back...

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