Monday, May 19, 2008

Awesome Audiogram

I received the official report from the audiologist with Nolan's audiogram- his inconsistency with response to sound is DEFINITELY behavioral. His audiogram shows a moderate loss (barely into the moderate range) sloping up to mild. The details:

At 500Hz we could only get a soundfield response at 50dB.
At 1000Hz (soundfield) we obtained a response at 40dB.

In the higher frequencies we did get ear-specific data and soundfield data.

At 2000Hz we got a soundfield response at 40dB, right ear gave a 40dB response and the left ear gave a 35dB response.

At 4000Hz we got a soundfield response at 35dB, right ear at 35dB and left ear at 35dB.

His pure tone average is about 42dB, which puts him in the moderate range, sloping up to a mild loss.

His speech reception thresholds were at 35dB bilaterally. The reliability of the test is considered good/fair. We will be repeating a couple of the points on the audiogram when we return in three weeks to pick up earmolds.

This basically means that without aids he can't hear whispers or very soft speech, but he should be able to hear us speaking at a regular volume in close range. Why he's not consistently responding to us remains a mystery, but at least we know that it isn't due to his current hearing level.

We see the ENT on Wednesday to check those frustrating ears (hopefully no more infection) and to schedule an MRI.


Loudest Mom said...

Your skunk definitely has my squirrel beat :) He is so adorable...... And, great news on the hearing test. Trey tends to do the same thing at times (not tuning in). I wish I had a great suggestion, but we're in the same boat.

leahlefler said...

Maybe its a boy thing- they're born with selective hearing, lol!

Megan said...

Sounds just like Luca, too!

That's great you were able to do the test.

Anonymous said...

Great audiogram all right! Ethan is a very selective listener. He does so well in the soundbooth, but consistenly ignores his parents at home. Nice, huh!