Thursday, May 15, 2008

Booth Test Results

After a LONG night (Nolan decided sleep is highly overrated), we headed up to BHSC for his test. I was happy to see that their puppets are a rabbit AND a puppy. I'm rather partial to the puppy, but Nolan didn't give one whit for either one. He was far more interested in the toys the audiologist had.

At first he wouldn't condition at all, and gave NO response to any sound level. This is what we see often at home- he simply doesn't respond to our voices or the sounds around him. He wouldn't even respond to us talking to him within the booth! After a while he was conditioned and started to look at the dancing bunny. We did get ear specific information for the high frequencies, but had to go to a soundfield for the low frequencies since he quit giving responses. In the soundfield, he responded at 50dB for the low and mid frequencies.

His overall results are quite similar to his ABR, though he did require some added amplification in the high frequencies. He used to hit normal at some point, and now his best hearing is at 35dB. Its not a big drop, though, and his low and mid frequency hearing seem to be the same as (or maybe a tad better than) his ABR results.

We amped up his aids and took new impressions. We'll be going back on June 9th to repeat a few of the questionable responses. He is so variable in his response to sound that it can be frustrating to get an accurate result.

I should get the official report in the mail soon. We see the ENT next Wednesday, so I'm sure we'll get to discuss the results with her and talk about the MRI she wants to schedule.

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