Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Spring Break

Nolan is doing fairly well. He has some granulation tissue that is starting to form around his g-tube site, but otherwise is decently recovered from his surgery. I do have to vent him, usually once per day in the evening (lots of trapped air in that little belly). Otherwise, it is business as usual - he has been ridiculously cranky lately, so I'm still waiting to see if anything "develops." He threw a tantrum yesterday that would have put any two year old to shame, and has just been whiny in general.

Spring Break has been spectacular. My mom came out to visit, and we took the boys to the Kinzua Dam in Pennsylvania. The visitor's center is closed, but we walked on some trails and visited a place called Jake's Rocks.

Next week, we head down to Myrtle Beach. Hopefully Nolan will be a bit less cranky, because 14 hours in a car with Mr. Whiny is going to be tough. Still, I can't wait to get down to the sun and sand!


Kyla said...

14 hours in a car! Craziness. We once drove to Colorado, which was about 18 hours, when Nathan was about 1.5 years old. Yikes. We will never drive that far again! I can hardly get Josh to drive to places inside the state these days!

Herding Grasshoppers said...

Oh wow! 14 hours?!

Glad his physical healing is progressing... now praying for his emotions :D


dlefler said...

It is a LONG drive! Thank goodness for the Dollar Store, DVD player, and the tablet. It is going to be a crazy day - we'll be glad when we get there, though!