Saturday, April 28, 2012

Play Ball!

Nolan's t-ball team had its first practice yesterday. It was freezing! Thank goodness I had pulled out the winter coats with the most recent snowstorm - they came in handy as the biting wind blew. I didn't do anything "special" with regard to his hearing loss and the t-ball team this year. I simply mentioned that he has a hearing loss to the coach and then walked away to the sidelines. Nolan does a great job of watching the other players and figuring out what he's supposed to do, which is a good thing. He's also on the same team as his big brother, and it was cute to see them together on the field.

The boys had a great time. There was only one "hearing" mishap, when Nolan hit the ball off the tee and ran the bases. He couldn't see where Home Base was because the batting helmet was too big for his head, so he kept running in the wrong direction. Of course, everyone's instinct is to simply yell, "Nolan, THIS WAY!" but he couldn't hear a thing. He ran into the neighboring team's game as we chased after him and redirected him onto his own field.

Their team is the "Purple Pistons" and the boys should get their jerseys soon!


Kyla said...

So cute!! How does he do, energy-wise, with baseball?

Herding Grasshoppers said...

The purple pistons! Love it!

As always, he's adorable :D


dlefler said...

Kyla, he did OK at this practice. Lots of standing around, so he was fine. It will be interesting to see how he does with soccer this year, though. Luckily he's still in the U-4 league ("under four"), so at least it won't be too taxing as far as keeping up with the other kids.

Anonymous said...

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