Monday, April 23, 2012

Snow Day

Yesterday, our back yard looked like this:

By noon today, it looked like this:

Snow on April 23. We're expecting about a foot and a half by the time this storm is over. We don't ever really get "snow days" here, because we frequently get large quantities of snow. Still, the kids loved playing in the yard once they got home from school. While the kids and dogs love the snow, I just want to return to the beach!

Nolan is doing wonderfully today, though Dennis has been struck down with the flu. I'm the last man standing, so to speak, so hopefully I have managed to Lysol the germs away!


Herding Grasshoppers said...

Get OUT!!! Snow!!!

Didn't you have temps in the 70s or 80s recently?!

So much for "global warming"!


TheSweetOne said...

ha ha ha ha! I shouldn't laugh since "technically" we're due for the same snow. Then again, all winter long the weather guys would say we were going to get dumped on and it NEVER came. I'm figuring tonight's just another one of those...

dlefler said...

Laugh, people, laugh. It might be your turn next! Bwahahahaha!

Crazy weather here. 80 degrees in early March, snowing in late April. I'd write more, but it's time to shovel.


rouchi said...

How lucky is that !! I wanted to see snow and we had nothing this year !!