Friday, April 6, 2012

Easter Eggs

We had a fun time dyeing a dozen Easter Eggs yesterday - the real trick will be eating them all before we leave for Myrtle Beach. I don't think colored eggs make great car snacks!

Nolan kept trying to dye a purple egg, but they all ended up in varying shades of pink. He was rather annoyed! Fortunately the other colors came out as advertised.

Nolan has been doing fairly well, though he has been ridiculously crabby lately. Huge temper tantrums seem to be the rule of the day, which has made life a wee bit difficult. Last night, he was awake ALL. NIGHT. LONG. He was happy and very active and talkative at 2:00am. And at 3:00am. By 4:00am, I was fairly exasperated. By 5:00am I simply gave up, got up, and made coffee. Lots of coffee.

On the plus side, Nolan is recognizing when he needs to be vented in a more accurate manner. He knows when it is air or just tummy pain, and will lay down on the floor and command, "Vent me!" This works well at home, but I've had a few interesting moments when we're out and about. I have now vented him (discreetly) at a booth at Panera Bread and on the baby's changing table at Ruby Tuesdays. It is freezing out in the car, so finding a discreet place to take care of the venting and g-tube issues can be difficult sometimes.  I also need close access to a sink to flush the tubing out (though I can use a water bottle and syringe if absolutely necessary). My apologies to the poor woman who walked into the Ruby Tuesdays bathroom to see tubing and a four year old child hanging off the changing table while yelling, "Wook it, Mom! I can make my tummy bubble up!"

Fortunately, we're able to vent him at home most of the time, so hopefully the public restroom encounters will be few and far between!


Kyla said...

We just take care of KayTar's stuff (like starting/stopping feeds, giving meds) wherever we happen to be. I do try to be discrete about it, but we don't worry too much if people see it.

Something to check for with Nolan is his molars! KayTar had zero trouble teething as a baby. but when she was about 4, her molars started erupting and GOODNESS did they give her a heck of a time!

dlefler said...

Oh, goodness. I never thought about that! I'll have a look. He's had his hands in his mouth constantly - I wonder....

Herding Grasshoppers said...

VENT ME! Now, I guess it might surprise me to walk in on that unexpectedly at a public bathroom, but it wouldn't bother me. I hope the woman was gracious!

And Nolan must have succeeded with the eggs, because I see a purple one down underneath. (Dip in blue, let dry, then dip in pink.)

Happy Resurrection Day!


dlefler said...

He did figure it out with a little help from us, but he was disappointed at first, haha!

Happy Resurrection Day, Julie - I can't believe Easter is already here!