Wednesday, October 26, 2011

What a Week!

Nolan is doing great. His energy levels remain high (sometimes a little too high) and his reflux has been fairly manageable the past week or so. His school bus brings home a very happy boy, who simply loves all of the activities his teacher comes up with. Last week was "fire week" and they did the letter "F" and fire safety drills. He also made the really cute dalmatian hat in the picture. This week is pumpkin week - they have been determining if pumpkins will float (they will), carving pumpkins, and learning about the life cycle of pumpkins.

I, on the other hand, have been having a really... "interesting" week.

On Monday, just before Nolan's school bus arrived, I let the dog inside. I went upstairs to clean up the kitchen, then walked downstairs. Something squished. And then something crunched. Looking down, I saw what could only be described as The Massacre of The Squirrels. Somehow Casey had smuggled his prey inside, and it was now all over the living room.

To prevent the trauma of a young preschool aged boy, I had to dispose of said squirrel parts quickly. We had no paper towels (and paper towels were not up to this job), so I ran for the shovel. And carpet cleaner. Fortunately, I managed to fling the bulk of the squirrel into the woods before Nolan's bus arrived. Unfortunately, I have bad aim and the squirrel ended up hanging from a tree. When Nolan came home, I fed him lunch upstairs and rushed him off to his X-Cel class, to prevent him from seeing squirrel-parts-in-a-tree and squirrel-remnants-on-the-carpet.

I was extremely thankful that he was safely ensconced in preschool as I worked to clean up the heavily stained carpet. It was horrid. After shampooing the carpet twice, I figured I would hit the main level of our house. Might as well, since I already had the equipment out.

As I shampooed the upper level, I realized the dirty water container was full. I unlatched it from the machine, and carried it to the kitchen. That's when the lid fell off, causing the contents of the bucket to spill all over the tile, carpet, and walls. There's nothing like squirrel water splattered all over the house to make the day a little brighter! Since it was time to pick up Nolan, I simply threw bath towels over the whole mess and ran to the preschool.

Once home, I picked up Matt from his bus and then picked up Dennis from work (we were down to one car). Dinner was at Friendly's that night, because Squirrel Water = dinner out. It's a simple equation.

Tuesday morning brought a flood of activity to the house - literally. We woke up to a very flooded basement - about a foot of water was standing in the room. The water line to our ice maker had become detached in the night, and the water pump continually pumped the water onto the tile floor (which dripped right down into the basement). Those things can produce an amazing amount of water. The majority of Tuesday was spent with a shop vac and a sump pump. On the plus side, this water did not contain any traces of squirrel.

The rest was spent in the Walmart vision center - we took Nolan's bent frames in to get them straightened out, but the lab tech broke them when he tried to straighten them. Nolan walked out of the store with a brand new pair of glasses, after we convinced them that they really needed to be replaced immediately since he has amblyopia and we don't want to risk the vision in his right eye.

Wednesday has been sedate so far. No squirrel massacres, no flooded house, and all vision/hearing equipment is intact.

The week can only get better!


TheSweetOne said...

I know I shouldn't laugh but I couldn't help it. Squirrel water everywhere! I can picture the carnage first on the floor, then in the tree... here's to the rest of the week being drama free!

leah said...

Dennis finally got the squirrel out of the tree last night. It was hard to accomplish because Matt was very curious about what Daddy was doing. And then there was the dog, who is a RETRIEVER, so we had to stop him from retrieving the dead squirrel parts once they fell out of the tree.

Sometimes, living in the city looks attractive, lol!

rouchi said...

Good that Nolan's reflux is better and just love his Dalmation cap...he is too cute.And yes,what a week and hope all your weeks ahead are best.....without much action !!

Kyla said...

Oh my GOODNESS! That is just too much for one week...honestly, squirrel parts in the house is too much for ANY number of weeks. LOL.

Herding Grasshoppers said...

Leah, you get the best pics of your boys!

And is it bad that I'm laughing out loud?! I AM sorry about your hectic week... I'd have had you to dinner and helped you clean if I lived anywhere near you :D

At least the boys we're doing well during all the other chaos,


leah said...

Oh goodness, last week was SUCH a week! Thank goodness this week is going (slightly) better. At least, there are no squirrels this week!