Friday, October 14, 2011

Hanging in There

Nolan is doing surprisingly well, considering the small amount of food he's taken in over the past few days. His appetite has dropped, but he is still doing pretty well at school. He did tell his teacher that his tummy wasn't working, and he has developed a wet cough. I think we have a combination of reflux-flare up and cold.

In any case, the C-Pap has been put on hiatus yet again. Nolan keeps ripping it off, and we're a little more cautious with it during a reflux flare up. If he vomited into the full-face mask, it could be disastrous. He had pulled it off 4 times by 10:00pm last night, so we let him sleep without it, for fear that his stomach would rebel in the middle of the night.

He did eat half a waffle this morning, so hopefully we're seeing the other side of this episode. This hasn't been anywhere near the awfulness of the August situation, thank goodness. He has some energy and is still eating a little - the returning appetite is a good sign.

I'm still waiting for insurance approval for the CT scan of his sinuses. I haven't called the ENT to question the status of this one, because I'm really unsure of what we will do with the information. Is it worth putting him through surgery to fix the sinus issues when the reflux will simply wreak havoc again?

In any case, I'm hoping to see the return of a healthy appetite and more energy for the little guy. We have Zoo Boo this weekend (trick-or-treating at a local zoo) and we might want to find a few more letterboxes if the weather cooperates.


Herding Grasshoppers said...

Love the picture!

Praying for a good recovery in time for Zoo Boo.


rouchi said...

Beautiful picture and hope he does well.take care Nolan !!

Kyla said...

I hope he is on the upside!! Have fun at Zoo Boo!