Friday, October 28, 2011

Please Be a Cold, Please Be a Cold...

Nolan has been missing the /s/ sound for a while (we haven't gotten a detection of /s/ in the Ling sounds in about 2 months), but the past couple of days have brought a lot of sound confusions and "WHAT YOU SAY?"

Here was today's Ling sound check (hearing aid microphone only, no FM system, at a distance of six feet):

He does slightly better with his FM system (he only confuses /ooo/ for /mmm/ and omits /sss/ with the FM system on - it eliminates distance as an issue, since my mouth is within 8" of the microphone). Still, the loss of /sh/ and the confusion of the other sounds is fairly new. I hope we get them back!


rouchi said...

Prisha does her S well, she has not taken to FM well as she finds it interfering and not clear.

leah said...

Nolan hears better with his FM (with it on, he hears every sound but /s/ and sometimes confuses OO and MM). Unfortunately, he's really hearing poorly right now. I'm not sure why - hopefully it is a temporary thing!