Sunday, September 4, 2011

Such a Turkey

Today has been a long day. One of those days. Nolan has been pushing nearly every limit known to man. All. Day. Long.

Fortunately, bedtime is coming very soon. Hopefully tomorrow will be a more cooperative day!

I may not get much of a chance to update in the coming week, because we have a few appointments in different cities (and three different states). Tomorrow (on Labor Day), we have an appointment with the sleep clinic in the fabulous city of Dunkirk, NY. This is the closest doctor to our house (45 minutes away), but I am a tad concerned that they scheduled the appointment on a holiday. I will definitely call before we take the drive up there!

On Tuesday, we have our appointment with the geneticist at the Cleveland Clinic (in Cleveland, of course). I'm not sure what to expect from the appointment, but we are hoping for some direction, at least. And for some insight into some of Nolan's fatigue and stomach issues, which constantly plague us.

Fatigue, Nolan-Style

Wednesday is free of doctors, but Nolan has his speech-language-pathologist in his classroom and will return to school for the first time in four days. He also has his Teacher of the Deaf (TOD) coming in the afternoon.

Thursday is a visit to the Pediatric Ophthalmologist (PO) in Erie, PA. This is the appointment that will dictate whether or not we have to patch Nolan's good eye.

On Friday, the kids *just* have school and I think I may take a long nap.

Thank goodness for weekends!


TheSweetOne said...

When Roman started JK (and when he returned to SK last fall) the weekends were rough. He was so overstimulated during the week (but loved it) that weekends became crash time. He would (still does) push the limits but only with us at home. It's his comfort zone so he feels safe testing the waters. It's frustrating. I'm hoping the end is near for us! Only 2 more sleeps til Roman starts grade one!

xraevision said...

Good luck to you during your very busy week, Leah. I am grateful that we have been appointment free (except for the usual AVT and OT) for a few weeks. It feels great to have some time for fun and just being a mom before X starts JK.

Herding Grasshoppers said...

Hope your week goes smoothly and that Friday comes quickly, with some relaxation for you!


leah said...

The start of school has definitely affected both boys. Even Matt is whiney/tired (he started the equivalent of SK at the same time Nolan started JK).

Thank goodness for the three-day weekend. Everyone has been sleeping in and just taking it easy. Hopefully they'll adjust within a week or so!!!

Kyla said...

Oh boy! One of those weeks! We have KayTar's mito doc follow up tomorrow, then pulmonary and GI next Monday/Tuesday. Luckily, all our docs around about an hour away from home. Good luck with your travels!

Julia said...

Oy, ve. Yes, we have days like that. But we don't have weeks like the ones you've got planned out. Sorry to read about the whole sleep clinic fiasco -- what a huge headache! I'll be thinking about you folks all tomorrow, and waiting for an update on Cleveland. Good luck with everything!

rouchi said...

Have a great week and hope all good comes out of these appointments.Wishing you luck and smiles !