Friday, September 16, 2011

New C-Pap Mask and a Happy September

We finally managed to get the full-face mask for Nolan to try out. While the Sleep Neurologist wasn't keen on the full-face mask option (many children swallow air with these masks), we thought it was worth a shot. If Nolan started swallowing air, the effects would be obvious pretty quickly - he would develop a distended belly, belch, or get sick. The other night, we put the new mask on and it was wonderful.

There was no air blowing into his eyes, to pressure marks around his flat nasal bridge, and the whole thing was fairly comfortable. This mask is also great when he is congested and needs to breathe through his mouth. The only negative is that he can't scratch is face, or wipe away tears if he needs to (he often has melt downs at bedtime, and having to put on a C-Pap mask at night certainly doesn't help with the evening tantrums).

Still, this mask is the best of the lot so far. He insisted on a nasal mask last night, and we let him have it since he is not congested. He made it to about 2:00am, but with multiple air leaks around his eyes. We're going to give the full-face mask another shot tonight.

I have to admit, I am much relieved that Nolan is doing better this month. August was simply awful. His reflux was at an insane level, he was cranky every single day, and the congestion/gagging/choking were terrible. This month seems to be MUCH better. His reflux is back down to its 'normal' level (if having severe reflux is ever normal) and he is eating, playing, and laughing again. He comes off the school bus with a bounce and is always excited to talk about his day. Today was show and tell, and thankfully we did not have to go in search of a Giant Frog this morning. He took in an airplane and wore his flight jacket to school.

Today is his first day of a Creative Arts class that he will be taking on Fridays. He'll be drawing with charcoal and learning about black-and-white art. I love having a happy boy who is thriving alongside his peers!


Herding Grasshoppers said...

LOVE that pic in the flight jacket- he looks so grown up!

And love the good news about the mask. Hope it works out!


Kyla said...

Yay! I'm glad he is doing so much better this month. Such a relief!

TheSweetOne said...

Flight jacket... full face mask... looks like a fighter pilot in the making!

rouchi said...

Hope this works for him. Some relief.

Kimmy K said...

Thanks goodness for the good days, I am happy for y'all.