Friday, September 23, 2011

Mr. Hungry

Whatever caused Nolan's problems in August seems to be gone, and I am SO very happy that his tummy seems to be working again. He has been absolutely ravenous lately, which is so wonderful I could literally do a happy dance.

The sleep neurologist said that one of the ways we could tell if the C-Pap was working was by Nolan's growth. He should experience a big growth spurt over the next few months. Judging by his appetite this week, I'd say we may be seeing one sooner rather than later. With the full-face mask, Nolan is actually starting to get some benefit from the C-Pap machine. We can still hear stridor (that comes with the laryngomalacia territory), but I think he is actually getting some quality sleep for the first time in his young life. Last night, he kept the mask on until 4:00am. This means he got 8 complete hours of sleep. For the first time, ever.

Yesterday, he ate breakfast, lunch, dinner, a string cheese, a pear, and 8 cookies.*

Grow, Nolan, grow!

In other news, still no word on the microarray results. This doesn't really mean anything one way or another - some cells just take longer to grow to obtain results. I did leave a message with genetics today to see if they'll call me back with some news (any news).

Nolan has an ENT appointment on Monday, and we are going to put off discussion of a fundoplication indefinitely. Despite our initial reservations and the horrible month of August, Nolan seems to be doing just fine on C-Pap and I can't see any reason to have a permanent, irreversible surgery performed on him when less invasive methods are working.

Here's to a happy, hungry kid!

*He wasn't exactly given permission to eat eight cookies. They were within reach and Nolan figured it was better to ask for forgiveness than ask for permission. I'm still in shock that he could down 8 of them!


Julia said...

Fantastic news!!! I can only imagine how much better he feels all over now that he's getting solid, well-oxygenated sleep. Let those growth hormones percolate throughout his system. I hope things continue to go (relatively) well with the cpap.

Melanie said...

YAYAYAY! I say, let the kid have some cookies. :)

Kyla said...

That is awesome!

KayTar is doing much better with eating lately, too! In fact, today I had lunch with her and I got a lecture from one of the other first graders for not sending KayTar enough lunch one day. It must have been right after we started the Nexium and she was suddenly much hungrier than we were used to packing for and she cried at lunch that day. The kid was so cute today, helping me brainstorm for foods KayTar likes and trying to give me appropriate portion suggestions. Haha!!

leah said...

Nexium was an appetite lifesaver for us when Nolan first started taking it. It still works really well (unless he is having a massive reflux flare-up, like he did in August)!

I really think the C-Pap is helping him a lot. We'll see if we get a big growth spurt over the next few months. We go back to the sleep neuro in 8 weeks to see if he is growing more!

Kristen@nosmallthing said...

That is awesome news! I'd say that kind of appetite deserves a cookie (or eight). :)

rouchi said...

Good to hear this !!!! Lots of food, good sleep and happy mom, what could one ask for !!!!Eat ,sleep and be happy guys !