Saturday, September 3, 2011

Fall Down Go Boom

Nolan decided to take a trip into the TV stand on Friday. I could tell the gouge was deep enough to require attention, so I bundled him off to the pediatrician. Fortunately, the cut was on the forehead and they could glue it back together.

I am SO very glad for modern medical inventions. The glue was SO much less stressful than stitches: no shots, no need to come back to have the stitches removed. A few passes with a tube of medical-grade super glue, and our boy was patched up quite nicely. The cut looks MUCH smaller now that it is glued together (it was about 1/4" wide when we went in), and it should heal nicely with only a small scar.

The glue should come off in about 7 days, and he'll be good to go. He still wasn't a happy camper about the whole thing, but I was just grateful we didn't have to hold him down for stitches!

Nolan has been falling a lot lately, and complaining that his glasses are blurry. This is mildly concerning to me since:

1) His glasses are clean.
2) His vision went from normal to amblyopia in the space of 1 year. He has a history of rapidly changing vision... so it isn't out of the range of possibility that he's having issues because of his eyes.

We have an ophthalmology appointment on Thursday, so hopefully we can rule vision out as a cause to his recent clumsiness. Hopefully it is just "normal" incoordination, though!

Of course, Nolan is forever coming up with new ideas, and his latest is the glasses-as-money-holder. He's been walking around with coins stashed in his glasses ("for the library parking meters"). Fortunately, we've been able to convince him that his pockets are a better location for his spare change!

An excellent place to store spare coins


bioniclissa said...

Does one of his glasses have cracks in??

leah said...

Nope. His glasses are great. Clear, clean, with no scratches or cracks. Keeping an eye on him. Kids with amblyopia tend to have issues with depth perception, so they fall a lot. Nolan's been worse than usual this week. Could just be a coincidence, but I am very glad we're seeing his PO on Thursday!!

Herding Grasshoppers said...

Oh, so sorry about the FDGB. (I have seen that abbreviation on doctor's charts, by the way.)

But the penny in his glasses is hilarious! That's one creative kid :D

bioniclissa said...

Just thought I saw one with cracks in one of the photos, must be the lighting!!

bioniclissa said...

I am diagnosed with ambloypia and a mild squint, so basically if anything happened to my good(left eye) I cannot read at all with my right eye, so the earlier the better so vision can be normal. We didn't find out till I was 18/19

Kyla said...

Poor guy! KayTar used to have these weird drop attacks as a tot and one Mother's Day we spent in the ER getting her nose glued back together. Ahh, memories.

I hope his clumsiness is something easily fixed, maybe with a slight change to his prescription. Another thought is that he might be more tired since starting school, causing more unsteadiness. We find KayTar gets much clumsier when she is tired.

rouchi said...

That looks scary....hope he heals quick and also that his eye sight is not playing tricks.Mine did,at age 11 or so I started to have glasses and the power jumped so often that in 3 yrs time I was advised to have contact lenses and since then it has been more stable.If he says, his eyes are blurry, they are and so do get them checked.And yes, he has tremendous brain waves to think of how he could hold the,he is really his mom loads to laugh at.

leah said...

We're fortunate that his ophthalmology appointment is on Thursday. We'll find out if his vision is the problem or not by then!

Kyla, the fatigue is a real issue for us... not sure if it is related to the apnea or not. The sleep neuro thinks it is the apnea, but the kid can't walk through a grocery store without needing to be carried. It is worrisome and frustrating. We'll see what happens on Tuesday (CC appointment). It would be nice to lay some worries to rest, at least.

xraevision said...

Ouch! My brother fell into a coffee table corner when he was a kid and has a small scar in that exact spot! He was a bit clumsy, but would likely be diagnosed with something if he were a kid today. Fortunately, X did not get my poor vision, so that's one problem we don't have to deal with . . . yet. Keeping a close eye on it though. Glasses as money holder is one of the funniest things I have ever seen! Great photo!!!