Friday, September 30, 2011

Another Great Week at School

The letter "C" was the focus this week, and Nolan had a blast. His Universal Pre-K class is very creative with projects: the kids made cats from cups, glued cotton to a big letter "C," and sang C songs (The Color Train and Color Farm).

The longer-term theme is apples - so the class read about Johnny Appleseed and made a Johnny Appleseed puppet. They made applesauce in class and tasted some cider*, along with creating apple prints from halved apples. Nolan comes home exuberant from all these activities. He just loves them!

Next week is going to be even more fun: the class is going on a field trip to a local cider mill. Nolan is so excited he can hardly wait!

*While Nolan is normally not allowed apples due to dietary restrictions, we allow him to partake in classroom activities with these foods - we just reduce the volume of cider, etc. 


TheSweetOne said...

why are apples restricted in Nolan's diet? Are there more items? For us it's the fructose... so grapes and corn syrup end up in the list too...
Glad he`s having fun. I love that cat cup. Might have to give that one a go here.

Kyla said...

KayTar missed out on applesauce day this week while she was sick. She was even going to try it!

Glad he's having a good time in school!

leah said...

Apples are verbotten by his ENT, who says they are no good for reflux kiddos. He's not allowed: cured meats (including hot dogs or deli ham), chocolate, mint, apples, citrus, tomatoes, anything fried or fast food, and an increasingly long list of craziness that really limits his preschooler snacking!

Oddly enough, grapes are on our "OK list." LOL!

rouchi said...

That is a long list of "can't haves " !!Wish he can soon eat all that he desires .Its good to hear that he is enjoying school so much ,Am sure he would do so well !