Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Hearing Test, Redux

Nolan and Casey the Snuggle Puppy

Nolan had a confirmatory hearing test today. His results look identical to the test last month, so his audiologist increased the amplification in his aids to suit the new audiogram. This is actually a bit overdue, since we saw those high frequencies drop off in the left ear last November - but that test was performed at Buffalo Children's, and they can't adjust hearing aids. Nolan's own audiologist hadn't seen that drop before, so she wanted to confirm before increasing the amplification.

Nolan's right hearing aid, which had been totally dead, sprang to life as soon as we pulled into the audiologist's parking lot. It is a lot like taking a car to the mechanic, and having it sound perfectly normal as soon as the professional looks it over. We still sent it in for repairs, since it is eating through a battery per day (he normally only goes through one per week). We'll go back in two weeks to pick it up - hopefully we won't have any more problems with it!

After the hearing test, we took a side trip to Buffalo Children's hospital to see if Matthew had left his hand-held video game in radiology during Nolan's Upper GI scan. Sure enough, it was sitting behind the radiology desk. I was so glad it was there! I think I am going to start labeling all of the "travel" toys - it is not-so-fun to run up to Buffalo when something expensive gets left behind!

We're all tired after the Independence Day weekend, which we spent with friends. The boys swam in a pond, played in a pool, roasted marshmallows, played with sparklers, and watched fireworks. After all the fun activities, we're ready for a few quiet days at home. Fortunately, Nolan's C-Pap titration was rescheduled for the 21st of July, so we have an entire week of relaxation ahead of us.

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rouchi said...

Yes its so true,the patient feels much better as soon as he sees the doctor.But its better to get the HA checked to see what is wrong with it.Good thing you found your game too, some days I want to put beepers on all such things that the kids keep away and forget about.Hope the amplification does wonders for Nolan, I always saw Prisha's eyes light up when she hears better.