Saturday, July 2, 2011


The relief I feel is enormous. I just received word that a visit to see Dr. M at the Cleveland Clinic has been approved. Our insurance company will not cover any tests or procedures there, but they will allow us to get a second opinion with a geneticist.

I'll call on Tuesday to make an appointment. We should get in by mid August to early September.

I am so thankful to get the second opinion - we really need reassurance and advice before we think about doing any more surgeries.

Now I can relax and get back to worrying about the dead hearing aid!


TheSweetOne said...

Hooray!! I hope you get in quickly so you can move on to the next stages. Good luck with the hearing stuff next week. We're always pullin' for you!

Kimmy K said...

Yes!!! Go you.

xraevision said...

If it's not one thing, it's another! I'm so happy that you got the genetics visit approved. You must be relieved to be able to go ahead and book that appointment. It'll be so interesting to hear a second opinion. Hope you're enjoying your summer so far.

rouchi said...

Have been so caught up with visit to India and back here settling down, but have manged to sneak in and read out your posts each time.I am glad for you and hope all falls into place.Looking forward to your update on HA and the 2nd opinion.You are a great brave mum!

Herding Grasshoppers said...

Hurray! Your persistence has paid off :D

At least the visit is covered. If the doc wants any tests done, maybe he/she could have your Ped. order them?

But yay for the big hurdle crossed!


leah said...

Julie, I was thinking the same thing. For "regular" laboratory tests, she could have our ped order them. For anything off-the-wall, we'd have to go through the insurance company. We'll see what happens! Hopefully the appointment booking date will be sooner rather than later.

Anonymous said...

Wonderful news!!! Why won't they cover any testing though? Why do they have to make this so hard on you?


I hope your meeting brings more info and sheds more light on things.