Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Appointment Made for the Cleveland Clinic

Pure summer fun.

I called the financial services department at the Cleveland Clinic to inform them we had received a letter of approval from our insurance company. The financial services person had to call the insurance company to verify the authorization, so I hung up and figured it would take a week or so to get a call back to schedule an appointment.

Holy Guacamole, the Cleveland Clinic is fast. Within half an hour, the phone was ringing and the genetics department was on the line. They're scheduling into September now, so Nolan's appointment will be on September 6.

Apparently, the Cleveland Clinic is approximately the size of a small continent - they are sending an information packet and map system so that we can find our way through the campus (there are over 20 buildings on the main campus). They're also sending fax information and history forms, so that Nolan's pediatrician can fax the relevant information to the geneticist.

That's one major item crossed off the "to-do" list, and I am very pleased that we snagged our second-opinion appointment prior to the follow-up with the ENT in late September (when we will revisit the idea of a fundoplication referral).


Herding Grasshoppers said...

Wow! Glad things are all moving in the right direction.

And I love the picture... pure summer!


Julia said...

Congrats! And sounds like you had a great 4th of July weekend. We could really use some rain around here -- my grass is getting crunchy. Hope the boys get some more time in the pool.

rouchi said...

So happy things are finally moving well for you guys.And lovely picture as usual.

Megan said...

I love that lake! And a dock to swim too. Wow!

leah said...

That was a pond in our friend's backyard. We love it when they invite us over - the kids have a blast!

xraevision said...

Great news, Leah! It's always such a relief to get appointments made. We're in the middle of waiting, waiting, waiting to book several appointments here and I am slowly losing my mind. If you can believe it, our huge world renowned children's hospital sets appointments by mail, I mean, letter mail, two of which have not been delivered, causing us to miss important MRI information and a neurology appointment. May as well be carrier pigeon. What is wrong with the old fashioned telephone?!! But I digress!

The lake looks ideal for summer fun!