Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Back to the Routine

At the Jamestown Children's Museum

I am very glad that our weekly routine has been restored. Both boys wanted to get back to preschool, and Nolan was desperate to see Mrs. B., his preschool teacher, again.

Of course, as soon as we reached the bottom of the staircase at the preschool, he balked.

"I'm too tired."

He often claims this, after walking for a little way, and we have to carry him for a while. Fortunately, his speech therapist met us at the door and helped motivate him to walk a little farther.

He went into his lock-kneed stance at the door of the classroom, and froze in place. Our most wonderful and beloved Speech Language Pathologist (SLP) came to the rescue again, marching behind him to see if he would copy her march. He didn't, really, but he was sort of pushed into the classroom and she began to engage him with an activity. I could slip away, letting him re-acquaint himself with the classroom routine.

Have I ever mentioned how grateful I am that we decided to pursue push-in services? Honestly, our SLP is truly a superwoman- helping him on the social front as well as with speech/language issues.

Hopefully he'll re-adjust to school very quickly, and pick up where he left off with the socialization situation. With Superwoman the SLP, I have a feeling it won't take him long!


Herding Grasshoppers said...

That is a GREAT picture!

And I love your "push-in" services!


rouchi said...

Sounds like the new year has started well!!touch wood and amen to that.

tammy said...

I love the "push-in" services too ... and the picture!! Very cool all around! : )

Joey @ Big Teeth and Clouds said...

That's great! Finding the right professionals is most of the battle.