Monday, January 17, 2011

A Random Update

The snow keeps falling in Western New York, and the boys are getting a touch of cabin fever. They do play in the snow, of course, but not when the temperature hovers around 10 degrees with a fierce wind blowing.

Nolan has been blissfully doctor-free, which is a wonderful thing. Here are a few updates:

The Sleeping

He is still waking several times during the night, and we haven't noticed a change from his pre-surgery days. This could be due to a number of factors: his reflux could be acting up, he might be waking out of habit, or he might still have apnea. I certainly hope it is simply due to habit.

The Eating

Nolan is generally ravenously hungry. He is eating very well, and often asks for various snacks throughout the day.

The Breathing

We don't have anything official until the sleep study, but his breathing is quieter now. We don't hear stridor or snoring when he breathes.

The Tummy

Occasionally, Nolan complains of severe stomach pain. Sometimes this is followed by a bout of diarrhea, sometimes it isn't. This seems to be getting worse, which worries me. Last night he was lying behind the couch in a fetal position because his "tummy hurt bad." This might be due to his reflux and motility issues: as long as he's still eating, we'll just watch the situation.


He has happily readjusted to preschool, and loves his teacher. He is working on peer socialization, and his favorite friends are "Daycob (Jacob)" and a boy named "Daisy." It took me quite some time to decipher Daisy's true name (J.C.). I have to fill out a form for universal Pre-K in the near future, along with a form for Kindergarten- I can't believe I will have two children in school every day next year!

Potty Training

Nolan is still doing relatively well. We have frequent accidents, but we also have frequent successes. Due to his tummy trouble, there has been no success with one aspect of toileting, but hopefully that will come in time.


Nolan's speech and language are doing great. He does have strange language holes (couldn't identify which bird was "over" or an object the other day, forgot the words for "belt" and "bottle") but his vocabulary is excellent despite these random word snafus. He is speaking in paragraphs now, usually along the lines of:

"Mom-mom-mommy-mom-mom-mom-mommy I want some crackers. Some crackers with cheese and I want some juice. Not crackers or juice, crackers and juice. I want to play my Mobigo, where is the Mobigo? I want my crackers and juice and Mobigo."

I'm pretty sure he talks more than our five year old son!


rouchi said...

Like your pointers on all subjects.Some good some not so good, but progress is for sure. :)

Apraxia Mom said...

Sounds like you guys have taken a turn for the better!

Love the narrative of his talking, too! These little ones have so much to say and want to get it all out.....NOW!

Herding Grasshoppers said...

His language is AWESOME! (What is a mobigo?)

Hope the sleeping and the tummy trouble resolve,


Anonymous said...

Your son's speech skills sound great! My son is hard of hearing, and I remember that I couldn't wait for him to start talking. Now he is eleven, and he never stops!

TheSweetOne said...

Glad to hear Nolan (and you by association) are doing so well! couple quick thoughts about his stomach pain - dairy and fructose. Combined with motility issues, the simple sugars ferment in Lauren`s system and cause the most tremendous gas pains that can take an hour to pass. Within a few weeks of dropping dairy and limiting her fructose (apple and grape are the primary culprits besides corn syrup) her pains were almost gone. Like night and day AND she stopped waking at night (other than to pee). Good luck finding the solution you and Nolan need!

Joey @ Big Teeth and Clouds said...

Having a kid in that much pain is so scary. I hope that passes quickly.

That is one huge paragraph! Way to go Nolan!

tammy said...

I am SO glad to hear that you all have dr. free for awhile! Keeping my fingers crossed it stays that way and his tummy gets better. WHOLE paragraphs!! Amazing!

Stay warm!

Julia said...

Hey! I'm so behind on reading everyone's blogs. I'm glad to get the (overall) good report, although I hope that the stomach pain issue is resolved soon. Ben is good about using the toilet at his daycare in the afternoon, but still refuses to use the one at preschool in the morning. We've been sending him in underpants, and he stays dry -- he just holds it all morning. I don't like that, but at least the bladder control bodes well for night training, when we get around to that.