Thursday, May 13, 2010


Yesterday was a tad rushed. Preschool, speech therapy, a CPSE meeting, a playdate at McDonald's, contractors over to look at the roof (we really didn't want a shower coming through the light fixture, thank you very much), and ice skating lessons.

There wasn't a lot of spare time in the schedule, so I poured Nolan a sippy-cup full of milk and handed him a snack to eat in the car on the way to Matt's preschool. Nolan took the cup, inspected it, and immediately declared, "Want deuce."

I speak Nolanese quite well, and informed him that he was having milk, not juice, for snack. He proceeded to have a temper tantrum as I eyed the clock and realized we had to leave NOW. I scooped up the yelling toddler, put him in his carseat, and handed him his milk.

All the way to the preschool, Nolan screamed at top volume,


I had to pull the car over in an attempt to stop the screaming. Trust me, it was earsplitting. I took his milk away and informed the lad he could have milk, or nothing at all. He begrudgingly accepted the milk and we were on the road again.


I wanted earplugs more than anything else in the world. Truly, the boy was carrying on at an incredible volume.

We pulled into the preschool and I stepped out of the car. Nolan was still howling, and I opened up the slider and Nolan glared at me.

He pointed to his feet and yelled,


Then I realized. He wasn't saying "I need more juice."

He was saying, "I need my shoes."

In my harried attempt to get out of the house on time, I had put him in the car without his shoes on. I felt quite chagrined as I carried him through the rain and into the preschool building. He relaxed once he knew I understood what he was saying, and I promised him we'd get his shoes in a few minutes, as soon as Matt was out of preschool. He wouldn't let me put him down, so I carried him until we had picked Matthew up and returned to the car.

I learned two things today:

  • Twenty six pounds of almost-3 year old boy gets incredibly heavy after five minutes.
  • Communication difficulties can cause one heck of a temper tantrum.
We have another busy day ahead... hopefully I'll remember everyone's shoes today!


lbre969903 said...

I know I shouldn't have but that made me laugh! Wonder where he gets that spit fire attitude?? :)

Joey @ Big Teeth & Clouds said...

Oh, I remember those days! I took Julia to speech therapy without shoes once too. At least the whole place was carpeted so she just went back barefoot, but boy did I feel like I'd lost it!

Amie said...

aah..a 3 year old temper tantrum.I know all about it.The screaming and kicking and struggling...can drive one nuts.
But this time he had a reason tho.He's a smart one your boy.

tammy said...

I did that the other day with Aiden, which I'm surprised he didn't stop me and yell for his "shz", but again, I was a mom in a hurry.

I have to admit I giggled at this one too! How wonderful though that he stopped once he realized you understood him. It's gotta be so frustrating sometimes for them.

Ericka said...

That's funny! Miles yells that every morning when I'm rushing to get my older kids to school.


Thanks, Leah! I really needed a good laugh!
This sounds like the story of my life!

Mandie said...

SHOES and JUICE are major snags with me and Carter. I can't tell the difference between the two when he says them

rouchi said...

OOh this was so cute and funny really. At that moment it can be quite frustrating but later it does sound cute and u can laugh over it. This one of the reasons that we need to constantly work on their clarity as sometimes if we do not understand them and ignore due to lack of time or other reasons, we could be sorry for it later. I too need to stop with Prisha at such moments and clarify so that opportunity is not lost of speech correction.

rouchi said...

Thx Leah,Yes there were those very tiring moments and next 2 months are going to be the same as I have lots lined up.But I have learnt to live by the day and know that somebody up there has plans for me.I too hope i find resources in Germany and I am sure things will be positive with all the wishes from all I know.thx again for the mail the other day you put in on my blog as it motivated me to drop a line again on the blog.

May 17, 2010 6:49 PM