Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Hearing Test Tomorrow

Nolan was rather uncooperative today, which makes me nervous for tomorrow's booth test. With a two hour drive up to Buffalo, I seriously hope he wants to play the "hearing game" tomorrow. We plan on using the same techniques that worked last time, which include doing the test in the morning and keeping Mommy out of the testing booth. He fell for the "I have to get some coffee" trick last time- hopefully it will work this time, too.

If all else fails, I've bribed him with a trip to the Buffalo Zoo as a reward after the test is complete. A new children's playground was unveiled a few weeks ago, and the ribbon-cutting ceremony for the new children's zoo will be held tomorrow. Here's to a fun day tomorrow!


Apraxia Mom said...

I will say an extra prayer tonight that Nolan "behaves" and "cooperates".

Got it, Nolan?


Give Mama a break, and some good test results, buddy!

xraevision said...

Ha ha, I have used that "Mommy is going to get some coffee" excuse too, and X falls for it every time. I hope you get some good test results and have a super fun day at the zoo.

Julia said...

Good luck tomorrow! We were just there on Monday for our HINT. The zoo opening sounds like fun.

Herding Grasshoppers said...

Praying all goes well. They so often behave better for someone else for whatever reason ;D


rouchi said...

All the best Leah, be good Nolan!!