Wednesday, May 5, 2010

CPSE Meeting Scheduled

The school district called, and I thought, "Aha! They're calling to schedule Nolan's CPSE meeting!"

It was the school district, and it was the Special Education Chairperson, but the meeting was for Matt. Sometimes I forget that he's still in speech therapy, too (even though I'm a participant in every therapy session)! Next Wednesday, we'll meet to discuss his progress.

Matt has come a long, long way since he entered the Early Intervention system. At the age of two, Matt had almost no words. "Go," and "Uh-oh," were the sum total of his communication. If we tried to get him to say, "Ball," he would strain out a "Fah-vah." Nothing even close to the word.

Now, at the age of four-and-a-half (because you must never forget the "and a half"), he speaks in paragraphs. He tells stories, he sings, he jokes. He even has those dratted /s/ blends. The only sound he still struggles with is the /r/ (weally wed fokes = really red forks). The /R/ sound is the latest developing sound, however, so this is a normal developmental variation.

Pending the results of his recent articulation test, we are planning to "declassify" him at the next CPSE meeting. He will leave the special education system, forever.

My heart sings.


tammy said...

"My heart sings." ... gave me chills and I'm sending you a huge congrats hug (and Matt a high five)! I remember when I first found your blog (just short of two years ago - WOW) and reading about Matt too. It's been fun to watch both your boys grow and see how far they've come. They have one amazing mommy!

Herding Grasshoppers said...


those pesky "r's"...

My husband KeRRy had trouble with them, and so did Gunnar. Hurray for speech therapy :D

You might enjoy picking up a copy of Hooway for Wodney Wat .

We think it's hysterical.

Good job, Matt!!!


Julia said...

Way to go, Matt! And I didn't do /R/ for the longest time, either -- I had pullout speech therapy in kindergarten and 1st grade to work on precisely that. I got to go to a special room down the hall and play with puppets. I had a blast, and all the other kids were envious. My speech therapist made a cassette recording of me saying things like, "rrrrrrrr-radio, rrrrrrr-rabbit". I still have it somewhere.

susannah said...

i agree with tammy- that last line brought tears to my eyes!

congrats! you are a great momma!

Anonymous said...


JoeyRes said...

Congratulations! Graduating that repetitive speech therapy is the best thing ever and hopefully that /r/ will come on it's own in a few years.